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Watches by Laleh

Watches By Laleh: Buying and selling high-end watches since 2008.

They obtained a solid reputation as agent, importer, and distributor for several niche brands. That is why they have direct access to a worldwide network of watch companies, watch agents and jewelers. Finding that special watch for each individual client is what they do.

But they are so much more than just a watch trading company. Diamonds By Laleh: Also diamond broker extraordinaire since 2020. Finding that perfect (investment grade) natural diamond for a select group of clients, jewelers, and jewelry brands.

Official member of GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the WFDB (World Federation for Diamond Bourses).

Tailormade jewelry design, using their most exquisite diamonds, handmade by master goldsmiths. For private clients only.

Reach out through the safe chat on Wristler. They are available for all your questions 24/7.

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