Terms and Conditions


The Service is offered by Mondani Web S.r.l. to the Users. The domain name www.mondaniweb.com and the brand Mondani Web are registered by the company Mondani Web S.r.l. with registered office in Via Cantore 42/4, 16149 – Genoa.
These Terms and Conditions of use regulate the use and consultation of the website
and are legally binding between the User (any party of adult age according to Italian law who uses the website) and Mondani Web S.r.l.

By continuing to browse on the website, the User confirms that they have read and accept the Terms and Conditions specified below regarding the use of the website
www.mondaniweb.com. Otherwise they shall not be able to use the same.
Mondani Web S.r.l. reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions fully or partially at any time, or to apply new conditions and/or terms regarding the use of the website.
Any amendments to this Contract will immediately be effective for the Parties hereto, as soon as they have been made.

Through the website
www.mondaniweb.com, Mondani Web S.r.l. enables adverts and posts to be posted and consulted by private parties and not by parties that intend to purchase fine watchmaking products or accessories. The Service
also enables interested Users to enter into contact with one another in order to pursue the potential sale of the asset posted or advertised thereon.

The User is fully and exclusively liable for the use of the Service, specifically with regard to the functions for posting, consulting and managing adverts, contacting other users and most of all, all aspects of the potential sale.
The User is the sole and exclusive guarantor and party responsible for the completeness, accuracy and lawfulness of the contents of the individual adverts or posts.
The User guarantees the ownership, availability and authenticity of the asset which is the subject of the posts or adverts published on the Website.
User shall accept full liability for any disputes or requests for compensation of any kind on the part of third parties in relation to any advert or post, or any conduct related to the same, and it hereby indemnifies Mondani Web S.r.l. and its
collaborators or employees accordingly.

The prices of the individual services shall be provided once the user has contacted the managers of Mondani Web S.r.l. using the “Contact us” function.
The prices include or do not include VAT depending on the User’s country of residence and subject to the provisions set forth by the Italian law regarding the application of VAT
Payment of the requested amount due for the pre-selected service can be made by credit card, Paypal or bank draft.
Parties understand that the Service will be automatically renewed, under the same terms and conditions as the Service originally chosen, unless a request to deactivate the renewal is submitted by registered letter with return receipt of delivery,
addressed to the administrative office located in Corso Torino, 9/1 16129 – Genoa, or by email to the address
info@mondaniweb.com, at least 24 (twenty-four) hours before the end of the period of use of the service which has already been paid for.

Any User who, in the capacity of consumer, has made a purchase on the website
is entitled to withdraw from the contract established with Mondani Web S.r.l. within fourteen (14) days from the date on which he/she received the credentials for operating on the website
The right to withdrawal can be exercised by sending a written communication containing the details of the consumer, and the order for which he/she is exercising the right to withdrawal,
to Mondani Web S.r.l., either by registered letter with return receipt of delivery addressed to the administrative office in Corso Torino, 9/1 16129 – Genoa or by e-mail to the address
The refund will be sent within 3 working days from the receipt of the communication by Mondani Web S.r.l., by way of the same payment method used by the User to make the purchase.
Any matters not specifically regulated in this section will be subject to the provisions of the Italian Civil Code and the relative laws.

Mondani Web S.r.l reserves the right to deactivate or temporarily or permanently suspend all or a single part of the Service.
The User hereby waives his or her right to make any claims for damages that have been or are being suffered due to the deactivation or suspension of the Service.

The website www.mondaniweb.com is provided in its latest available version. It could however contain bugs and/or hidden errors. Therefore, the User, by continuing to browse the same, agrees to use it at his or her own risk and peril.
The User shall hold Mondani Web S.r.l. harmless from any damages suffered and in particular from those caused to his or her IT system by the use of the website.

By using the website, the User undertakes to refrain from performing any abusive, fraudulent and/or unlawful activities. For example, the User undertakes to refrain from performing the following activities when using the website:

  • Publishing offensive, injurious, defamatory, libellous, discriminatory, pornographic, rude, obscene, paedo-pornographic and/or blasphemous adverts or posts, or any posts and adverts that fail to conform with public decency or order in any way or
    that might offend public decency or damage children.
  • Falsifying his or her own personal identity;
  • Sending any materials or promoting links with obscene, rude, fraudulent, defamatory, libellous threatening, confidential, unlawful or otherwise reprehensible contents;
  • Attempting to send any material and/or information that may be technically dangerous, including, for example, viruses, “trojan horses”, logic bombs, worms, dangerous components or other tools that might destroy or disrupt the relative medium and
    IT system;
  • Perpetuating chain letters or pyramid schemes in the form of correspondence or advertising material;
  • Sending or transmitting any type of promotional material that has not been requested or any other form of unsolicited material;
  • Infringing the data protection right and all other rights of any natural persons or companies;
  • Behaving in any way that might infringe the legislation in force.

The User acknowledges that Mondani Web S.r.l shall be in no way liable, and that therefore it will be impossible to formulate any claims, for compensation in relation to damages that may have been or are being suffered, caused for example by:

  • The inaccuracy, incompleteness or untruthfulness of the contents of the adverts or posts published on the website
    www.mondaniweb.com, regarding either the published data or the information subsequently provided to other Users;
  • Any form of pre-contractual liability of an individual User, related to the sale of an asset that has been the subject of an advert or post published on the website
  • Any kind of breach of contract by a User relative to the sale of an asset that has been the subject of an advert or post.
  • Any unlawful activity or activity that contradicts these terms and Conditions performed by a User in relation to a request for information, or during negotiations for the sale of an asset that has been the subject of an advert or post.
  • Errors, bugs, viruses that could damage the device used by the User to browse the website.

The brands and the service brands as well as all the other logos, distinguishing marks, names of products and services are the property of Mondani Web S.r.l., with registered office in Via Antonio Cantore 42/4, 16149 in Genoa.

The User undertakes not to use the brands and the service brands of Mondani Web S.r.l. or the relative logos, distinguishing marks, names of products and services in any way whatsoever without obtaining the prior written consent of Mondani Web S.r.l.

The website www.mondaniweb.com could contain links or banners that redirect the User to other websites or web resources, including those owned by third parties other than Mondani Web S.r.l. The latter declines all
liability for the User’s connection to and for the contents of the above-mentioned websites linked to www.mondaniweb.com.
any User who decides to visit a linked website does so with full autonomy, and therefore undertakes full liability for the same. He or she also undertakes to take all precautionary measures to prevent the appearance of viruses or other destructive
elements, hereby holding Mondani Web S.r.l. harmless from any damage that may be caused to the same, for example, specifically:

  • Any damage due to loss of data;
  • Any damage caused by malaware and/or spyware;
  • Any damage caused by the infringement of personal data protection rights;
  • Any type of damage caused to his or her device.

Any and all communications made by the User must be submitted in writing and can be sent both by email and by ordinary post to the following addresses:

These Terms and Conditions are regulated by the Italian law. Without prejudice to the applicability of the binding provisions of the law, any dispute that may arise in relation to these terms and conditions will
be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the Court of Genoa. For any aspect or dispute not regulated herein, reference shall be made to the provisions of the Italian Civil Code and the related laws.

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