Some benefits of Mondani Web Trusted Dealers:

√     Exclusive Sales Groups:

  • 1 International Watch Sales Group “Mondani Trusted Trade”: the safest and most active groups in Europe. N.1 for watches posted and sold.
  • 1 “Out of Europe + UK”  Watch Sales Group
  • “Mondani Web Jewels” Sales group of only jewels from all brands.
  • 1 Sales Groups for Vintage Watches
  • 1 Sales Groups for Watch Accessories and Tools
  • 1 Group for “Looking For”
  • 1 Chat Room Group for talking with other members about the market, prices, fake watches, scammers, and much more
  • 1 Group for social media engagement

√   Clock Face, Partner of Mondani Web provides 45% DISCOUNT ON WATCHMAKING CLASS MADE BY CLOCKLAB
Online watchmaking class

Kit with tools and CLOCKLAB movement included

For more info:


+39 327 1530652

√    You will deal only with verified and reliable dealers.

√   With more than 10 million unique monthly visitors, Catawiki is one of the most successful curated marketplaces for special objects, including Watches. Catawiki is now offering Mondani Web Trusted Dealers, not yet registered to this platform, a -5% discount on their commissions for the first three months. Our Trusted Dealers will also have a dedicated Catawiki manager who offers assistance. For more information and applying, please email

The offer is valid for those dealers who are not registered at Catawiki yet and those who have been inactive during the last 12 months.

√    With over 40 years of experience in the luxury watch market, Mondani Web is the only network of trusted dealers where every single watch dealer is personally selected by Giorgia, Franca and Guido Mondani.

√    The Mondani family proudly supports hundreds of watch dealers and partners from all over the world; every single seller is vetted and trustworthy.

√  Legal Counselling offered by Mondani Web: our legal team provides consultancy in the following matters: contract drafting, contractual issues, transport law and EU customs law. A file will be opened for each request and the Trusted Dealer will be in direct contact with our legal advisor until the completion of the consultancy.

√   24/7 direct assistance: every dealer and partner of Mondani Web can constantly get in touch with Giorgia Mondani and the Mondani team via whatsapp, email, phone. We will instantly assist you.

√    Best visibility on social media: Mondani Web is the only agency able to offer a 360° visibility on the main social networks that will allow you to be noticed by worldwide collectors.

With over 2 million followers, Mondani offers you different packages and customized offers for your business.

√    Personal profile at our website: information, bio, brands for sale, direct connection to personal site & social media and contact information.

√    Thanks to an EXCLUSIVE agreement with Mondani Web, our Trusted Dealers can now take advantage of special rates with MALCA AMIT, for ensured shipment of luxury goods, jewels and watches. These exclusive rates refer to both express deliveries by DHL and by armoured vehicles and are valid for shipments all around the world and in each continent.
For further information and exact rates please email and we will put you in touch with our contact person in Malca Amit.

√    A free entrance in IWJG Shows (the most important watch and jewelry shows in America).

√  Eppli Auction House offers a special seller commission to all Mondani Web Trusted Dealer. % depends on the quantity of the watches consigned.
For more information and free valuations, please email:  and provide photos and information of your watches

√ Watch Repair Belmonte, Proud Partner of Mondani Web, provides 15% discount on all service offered at their workshop in Barcelona (Spain), street: Ronda General Mitre 139, local 2 (08022)  to Mondani Trusted Dealers.

Repair and restoration for watches including Laser Microwelding, Lapping, Polishing, dial restoration and much more!
For more information e-mail

√  K&K Time Studio, Partner of Mondani Web, provides 15% discount on all services offered at to Mondani Trusted Dealers! (Movement repair, polishing, Straps / Accessories and much more)

For more information please email:

√   A community to talk about watches, market, prices, fake watches, scammers, etc.

√    A special discount on all the Mondani Books.

√    A discretionary partnership discount on AIS COLLECTIVE products and, at your request, an introduction to the management for exclusive retail inquiries.

√    Free consultations from Giorgia and Guido Mondani.

√    20% discount on Chronosect marketplace membership.

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