About Us

The Best Exposure in the World of Watches

Mondani Web is the leading agency of communication in the world of luxury watches: we offer to our clients a 360° visibility through social medias, newsletters, online marketplace and reports.

With more than one million followers on social medias (real watch collectors and aficionados), a huge number of users and a very important reputation in this field, we can raise clients’ profiles in every arena, driving brands and voices forward.

With more than one million followers between Instagram and Facebook, we can literally build your reputation on social networks: from now on, the entire world of watches and luxury can see what you sell!

Mondani is one of the top influencer in the world of horology and means seriousness and reliability.

After many years of experience in this field with Mondani Books, our goal is still to spread the culture of collectable timepieces: thanks to many powerful profiles and a huge number of users, we post and boost watches for sale, important events and reliable dealers.

Nobody else can offer a continuous advertising like we do: from 20 to 25 advertisements per week, every week!

The History

Who said that a gift can’t change your life? That’s what happened to Franca and Guido.

In 1986 Franca bought a special gift for her husband’s 41st birthday: a yellow-gold Rolex with moon phases, ref. 8171. Guido’s first Rolex wristwatch ever. That was just the start of a long and incredible adventure, Guido fell in love with Rolex watches from the very first time, it was love at first sight. After a short time that watch was no longer enough for him, he began to look for new ones, but very soon he became aware that he needed knowledge of the sector to make good deals and buy fine pieces: it was in that moment the he understood that there weren’t any good and complete guides available on the market for a new unprepared watch collector. He began to study, to ask information to expert watch collectors and, year after year, he ended up to be the world’s foremost Rolex collector and a person best recognized for knowing things that even the company’s own historians have yet to find out.

Owning a publishing house, he has been sharing his knowledge for 25 years writing with his wife and daughter books and encyclopedias about the most important luxury watch brands. The Mondani Editions represent today the essential book-guides for watch collectors, dealers and aficionados. His books are very well known all over the world and the Mondani family regularly attends the main shows and auctions.

Guido has also marked the history of watches when he sold his Rolex Collection at auction in Geneva in 2006 for 200 percent of the value, breaking 11 world records as, for example, the highest price ever paid for a Rolex watch at auction (at that time) with a “Chronographe Rattrapante” that sold for CHF 738,500! The Mondani Collection of Rolex Wristwatches was considered as the finest Rolex Collection in the world consisting almost exclusively of limited and rare pieces in fine condition from the earliest days of the Rolex company’s foundation to 2006.

The Mondani adventure has not finished yet… new books are coming out soon and Giorgia Mondani, together with her husband Daniele and supported by her parents, has added a new and exciting chapter to it: Mondani Web.

Again everything started by chance and again, the engine that moves everything is the passion for what we do: Giorgia’s family heritage.

Thanks to her hard work and her good taste for pictures, watches and fashion, Giorgia achieved a big popularity on social networks (click here to follow her on instagram) and she opened many new social media profiles related to the watch sector that represent today the best exposure in the world of watches with more than one million and a half followers.

We can’t wait to write the future of our companies, wishing in a future as glorious and prosperous as our past.

We worked hard to make it happen, we’ll work hard to make it happen again!

Thank you very much to all those people who support us every day!

People Behind the Screen

The Mondani Web Team

Behind the business of Mondani Web there is a whole family working for you: the Mondani family. Our priority is the identity and singularity of our clients, each one with a different goal and need. Every member of our team is ready to assist our trusted partners.

Giorgia Mondani

Giorgia Mondani is a social media star and an important influencer on instagram. She is co-author of important Rolex books and attends the main watch auctions and international shows. One of the very few women in a male business, Giorgia was interviewed by very important publications such as the New York Times, the LA Fashion and more.

Daniele Di Murro

Daniele Di Murro, Giorgia’s husband, used to be a Rolex-nerd even before meeting Giorgia and he happily joined the family in this new project. He is by her side in every business trip and he is an essential part of the daily business of both Mondani Books and Web.

Giorgia Mondani e Daniele Di Murro

Guido Mondani

Guido Mondani is one of the most important Rolex collectors in the world; in 2006 he sold at auction his collection of 309 Rolex wristwatches, achieving various world-records and now he represents a true opinion leader in the watch market. For over 25 years Mondani has been publishing luxurious books which have become essential guides for watch dealers, collectors and aficionados all over the world. The Mondani books contain historical and technical information about the most important watch brands, as well as high quality images.

Franca Mondani

Franca Mondani, Guido’s wife, works by his side and supports him in every single choice and project. She is co-author of many of the Mondani editions and she is the real “engine” of our companies.


Carla Macauda

Carla Macauda was born on November 13th of 1992. Since she was a child she found her personal satisfactions in drawing. She lives in Genoa, the city where she attended the Paul Klee High School of Arts and where she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at the age of 24. She loves photography, music and enjoys experimenting with different forms of art.

Carla-Macauda - Mondani Web
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