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What does Mondani Web offer to auction houses, events and shows?

Mondani Web offers a 360° visibility through a very powerful network of channels: social medias, newsletters, blog, press releases, live reports and more.

Mondani offers a huge exposure between more than 1,5 million of followers on social medias, we also promote your event for getting public, consignments, participants, traffic and a big visibility.

The biggest visibility you can get for your event is made by Giorgia Mondani’s live reports, interviews and videos from the show. Thanks to her social media popularity and in the watch sector she is able to show your event to thousands of people.

The world of watches is full of exciting events and we would love to attend them all but in order to guarantee the best quality of our work, we have chosen to support only some of them.

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Some of our partners


We are extremely happy to have as official partners of Mondani Web some of the most important horological events and auction houses, such as:

Bonhams: founded in 1793, it is one of the most important auction houses in the world for antiques, cars, jewelery and watches.

Artcurial: the most important auction house in France organizing auctions of arts, cars, watches, jewellery, design and more.

Catawiki: the most visited buying and selling site for special objects selected by experts in Europe, with over 65,000 objects at auction every week.

Eppli: German auction house that organizes five different auctions every month for jewelry lovers, watch collectors, real estate investors and more.

IWJG: With more than 7,400 members from 72 countries, the International Watch & Jewelry Guild (IWJG) is the world’s leading organization for the buying, selling and trading of vintage and modern watches, collectible jewelry and diamonds important. The IWJG puts on about 10 shows a year in America.

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