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Based in the heart of Milan, I SIGNORI DEL TEMPO, have been working for over 20 years in a workshop in Viale Gorizia 8, at a stone’s throw from the famous “Naviglio”.

“I SIGNORI DEL TEMPO” is much more than a store of vintage and collectable watches; I SIGNORI DEL TEMPO offer one of the most precious treasures today: the experience. The experience of the real watchmaker, that person who opens, disassembles, fixes, restores and moves watches every day.
Gabriele Vittozzi is the watchmaker of I Signori del Tempo; he started this work many years ago as he comes from a watchmaker’s family. Gabriele is transmitting his knowledge and passion to his son Manuel, who  is learning and improving his skills. Paolo Spinello is also part of the team and thanks to his great experience he developed a big knowledge in vintage watches.
Thanks to their knowledge and and tradition, I SIGNORI DEL TEMPO are considered today one of the world’s most reliable dealers of vintage watches, a true reference for collectors, buyers and sellers from all over the world.
Please visit their website at the following link: www.isignorideltempo.com


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