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Cipriano Joias is the result of the determination of Cipriano Sousa, who, in 1989, followed in the footsteps of the family goldsmiths and founded the jewelry that today embellishes the heart of Esposende, in the Minho Litoral. From silver to gold, from precious stones to intricate mechanisms, Cipriano Joias are demanding in their selection of products.

They offer a range of world-famous brands, such as Montblanc, Longines, Gucci, among others, as well as the originality of the own-brand pieces, designed and created by them.

They deal with the sale of luxury items to the delight of the most demanding customers: jewelry, watches and home decorations.

They also offer a maintenance and repair service for any item. Whether you want to restore luster to an old family necklace, fine-tune a forgotten classic watch or alter a piece of jewelry to your expectations, you can bring your favorite pieces back to life with them.

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