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How would the visionary and meticulous fathers of haute horologie care for and clean their watches today? 

This was the question one of their founders asked himself when he wanted to freshen up his Rolex after a trip to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in Chichester, England. Like most watch owners, he used a toothbrush and regular dish soap – the result was never perfect. Also, the process felt inappropriate and did not match the level of craftsmanship and finishing of the timepiece

Thus, the idea of Max Wilsdorf® was born. They created their Swiss Made watch cleaner for the high demands of watch aficionados, providing a proper solution to give their watch a professional and safe clean regularly at home or wherever else their watch may take them.  

Whether you take your watch diving, golfing, yachting, racing or exploring whatever else makes you tick – as Max Wilsdorf®  they have committed themselves to provide the ultimate cleaner to bring your timepiece back to being neat and ready for your future endeavours. 

Established in Zurich, Switzerland.

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