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Immobiliare ZB

Over the years, Immobiliare Z.B has built a leading position in the Genoese real estate market thanks to a deep knowledge of the subject, solid technical skills and a vast continually updated catalogue.

Their staff is made up of professionals with great experience and managerial skills. Each of them is able to identify the market value for each type of property: apartments, offices, shops, warehouses, industrial warehouses, shopping centers etc., both for the purposes of buying and selling and for possible rental.

Their real estate services are aimed at all types of users: private individuals, institutional investors, holders of significant real estate assets, high-profile individual investors. Architects, urban planners, lawyers, notaries, are their partners every day, to allow customers to decide serenely on the fate of their properties, to plan their development, growth, sale or rental, offering technical consultancy and any adaptation works and/or or renovation.

They invest a lot in advertising in the main newspapers, in sector magazines and in all the most popular portals on the internet because they are convinced that good advertising is a guarantee of success.

Their personal relationship with customers sets them apart. Their goal is to become the Trusted Real Estate Consultant, they care about the needs of all customers: they help them on their journey to find the best real estate solution, they assist them in every phase of the negotiation and in the contractual activity with the utmost professionalism, seriousness and confidentiality.

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