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Monsieur Gerald Charles Genta (1931-2011), born in Geneva, is deemed the most acclaimed watch designer in the world.

In the early 2000s Monsieur Gerald Charles Genta – at the height of his success and willing to continue his creative production – founded the most modern of his brands: Gerald Charles.

Since the eve of the third millennium, Gerald Charles has been the most modern brand, founded in Switzerland by the legendary watch designer, Mr. Gerald Charles Genta: the man who designed the first Royal Oak* for Audemars Piguet* , Nautilus* for Patek Philippe*, Ingenieur SL* for IWC*, Bulgari Bulgari* for Bulgari* and more other iconic watches.

The choice of giving his names to the brand, “Gerald” and “Charles” symbolised the Maestro’s desire to create a unique bond with his own production.  The Maison Gerald Charles, with its Renaissance and Maestro collections, showcases some of his most modern designs.

These masterpieces are born from the union between artistic creativity and technical mastery of Swiss mechanics, synonymous with excellence.

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