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Clothes that allows to feel beautiful, but above off everything UNIQUE.

Balossa collections is an easy chic style, is freedom of the contemporary woman, her independence of thought and creative force, her boldness and fragility, her seduction and bon ton….

The Balossa brand, led by designer Indra Kaffemanaite from 2015, explores a captivating fusion of white shades, geometric designs, and contrasting elements, creating visually striking effects. This fashion journey transforms traditional pieces like shirts, trousers, corsets, and skirts into contemporary ensembles through a play of textures and a blend of minimalism with abstract concepts.

The brand’s innovative approach to the white shirt earned recognition and awards, establishing Balossa as an emerging force in the fashion market.

With a global presence in over two hundred retailers worldwide, Balossa continues to evolve, offering a harmonious balance of firmness and softness for the modern woman navigating a dynamic and ever-changing world.

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