THE CHAMPION by Buben & Zorweg

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THE CHAMPION by Buben & Zorweg

THE CHAMPION by Buben & Zorweg 

In January 2023, a former German football player and winner of the 2014 World Cup approached Buben&Zorweg company with a vision – to craft a bespoke high-security safe for his personal replica of his original championship trophy. His aspiration was to encapsulate in an extraordinary way the remarkable moment he and his team experienced on July 13, 2014, at Rio de Janeiro’s Maracanã stadium.

Following several conversations with B&Z CEO Florian vom Bruch, he found himself enormously impressed by the values that define Buben&Zorweg – the pursuit of excellence through courage, dedication and an uncompromising commitment to perfection. He realised it was exactly this attitude that also drove him and his team to become world football champions.

During his visit to the B&Z Manufaktur, he immediately fell in love with the various distinguished features and allure of the Orion, which perfectly represent German engineering and the fine art of craftsmanship. He swiftly chose the safe’s colour, black and white, reflecting his preference for elegance and classic suits.

To customise the interior of the safe and highlight the magical aura surrounding the trophy, their  esteemed client entrusted them with his cherished treasure for two weeks, leaving with these words: “Where else in the world could my trophy be better protected than at a high-security safe manufactory?”

THE CHAMPION, as their client affectionately refers to his bespoke Orion, is equipped with a customised podium compartment, perfectly designed to house the championship trophy. A special lighting concept, tailored to the object’s precise position and size, ensures that the trophy is perpetually showcased in all its glory, irrespective of the time of day. Additionally, drawers with customised inserts accommodate the client‘s personal memorabilia and awards.

After five months of dedicated work and intensive collaboration between the client and the B&Z Bespoke Team, THE CHAMPION was installed at the client’s private residence, where he proudly placed his trophy in his new Orion safe – an unforgettable moment for everyone present.

The creation of THE CHAMPION has been an absolute pleasure and honour for Buben&Zorweg, which continues to fuel their passion, as their clients transform their dreams into reality and integrate their masterpieces into their lives.

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