IWJG Show: From Miami to Las Vegas

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IWJG Show: From Miami to Las Vegas

Directly from IWJG.COM

“Remember, the IWJG Show, on March 26th and 27th will be held at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, 3667 S. Las Vegas Blvd… The PH is a GREAT Venue for the International Watch and Jewelry Guilds' Events!!! Once inside the hotel go to the Mezzanine level and follow the signs to the Conference Center and the Celebrity Ball room… We love it there!!!

We do not have a huge room block so if you want to be in the host Hotel with everybody else… Call Olga now, at 1-800-554-4992 or 1-713-783-8150 and get ready for Las Vegas!!! Please book your IWJG Show and your Rooms at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino before she runs out of space!!!

We were all amazed at the World Record prices for Rolex Watches at the Geneva Auctions last year, the Rolex 6062 sold for $5,060,427, making it the most expensive Rolex ever sold at Auction (at that time) and the gold Daytona, went for $3,717,906, giving it the honor of the most expensive Daytona (at that time) sold publicly… Talk about excitement…The Daytona was sold by a group of IWJG Members!!!! Hey!!! That's a Good Thing… Then in the Fall… Paul Newman's own Paul Newman Rolex Daytona was Auctioned for about $18,000,000.00!!! Talk about the WOW Factor!!! All this exciting news is having an effect all over the world on prices. They're going UP, UP and UP!!! Before we get too far in to our Las Vegas Event, let's revisit the IWJG Great Event we just finished in Miami!!!

First… If you were not there you missed a great Show… The IWJG Management treated the IWJG Members to a Wonderful Super Bowl Party on Sunday… The food was Great… The Booze was Great and the Game (no matter who you were rooting for) was Great!!!

Then Monday morning came around and we had about 150 members waiting in line at 7:30AM and there was a line waiting to get in until 2:00PM in the afternoon… We had almost 1,300 attendees at the IWJG Event … It was Great and so was the action in the room… Some of our members have not returned from Miami yet but here is what we heard from some of the members in attendance.

Joe Demesy had a Good Show as did Tu-Tone Bob Wingate… Joe Akar had a really Good event in his home town!!!

Doug Gruenberg said Miami might be his Best Show ever… Avi Hiaeve said Miami was one of his Best Shows in memory!!!

Peter Geykman told me Miami was one of his Best Shows… Keith LeClerk had a Good, Good Show… Byron Eder had a Really, Really Good Show… Dan Wiley reported in with another Really, Really Good event and Luke Rottman said Miami was a Great, Great Show. He reported he sold over 20 watches in the first hour on Monday!!! Way to go Luke!!!

Mike Mertaban said Miami was one of his best shows in a long time… It felt like the Good Old Days!!! Last but not least, Micha Motale reported that Miami was his Best Show Ever!!!

Thank you for all your reports… It sure makes it better when people hear these reports from fellow members… We will have more reports on Wednesday but for now… Let's Get Ready For Las Vegas!!!

If you are not registered for Las Vegas, call Olga now, at 1-800-554-4992 or 1-713-783-8150 and get ready for our March event… You do not want to miss it!!!

Please do not wait until the show to register… We do not want to see you standing in line any more than you want to be standing there… Register and if you can't make the show, just cancel and we will roll your entrance over to the next show…. You will not lose anything and you will not have to wait in line on Monday!!! Don't forget to register your Guests and Helpers as well so they aren't caught in that Monday morning line… It only takes a 5 minute phone call and you pick up your badges and walk right in!!! That's much better!!!

Can't wait to see you at Planet Hollywood and the IWJG Show, where once again, we get to serve the Best Membership on the Planet!!!”


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