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Verhoeven Joaillier is a luxury watch and jewelery dealer based in Dunkirk, France. The Verhoeven house was founded in 1908 by two brothers, Maxime and Anthony Verhoeven, one specialized in jewellery, the other in watchmaking.

They boast an exceptional watchmaking workshop recognized and approved by the biggest watch brands, and a well-stocked jewelery workshop.

Their expert watchmaker, Benjamin, will be happy to repair, preserve and restore your precious timepieces to their former glory. Their laboratory offers you:

• Overhaul: includes restoration of the movement (replacement of damaged parts, final inspection), polishing of the case and bracelet (if applicable) and water resistance check.

• The overhaul of the watch: by restoring the movement, changing the stops, changing the suspension…

• Partial intervention: including bracelet change, battery change, water resistance check, glass change, case back engraving, polishing, ordering a personalized bracelet, etc.

• Laser repair: they have a laser for welding materials (steel, yellow gold, white gold, red gold, titanium, platinum, silver) on jewelery and watches. This technique will fill the damaged parts with a very thin wire that is fused to the surface.

• Micro-impact engraving: Their laboratory is equipped with a micro-impact engraver which allows you to engrave images and texts on any flat surface (case back, medal, plaque, etc.).

• Laser engraving

Furthermore, thanks to their professional knowledge and precious talents, they also create and give new life to your jewels with a huge selection of precious stones.

Do not hesitate to contact them for any request.

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