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Watches have been his passion for 15 years now. He was and is active as a collector and got to know great watches, great people and a lot of dedication to the watch topic.

After a multi-faceted journey through the world of work and numerous stations at home and abroad, he decided to turn his passion into a job.

That’s why he don’t see himself as a classic watch dealer, but as a partner when it comes to finding the right product for you: his customer. He doesn’t matter whether “your” watch is a brand new model or a great vintage piece. The price for “your” watch is also irrelevant. His goal is to make his customers happy and maybe also to make friends.

He assures you that all of his watches go through a strict selection process. All watches on his website are 100% original and described in detail. Before a watch is sold at his place, it is checked by their watchmaker partners for performance and is only put on the page if everything is in order.

Please visit their website at the following link:

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