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The Spinel House

The story of The Spinel House starts in Burma, the beautiful yet underrated land where natural beauty abounds. Amongst its treasure trove, forming in its deepest mines, are a vast array of Burmese spinel stones.

Having discovered these exquisite gems, their hearts and minds yearned to create more positive experiences for other businesses. They decided that instead of setting these Spinels in a jewelry piece, they would reserve that highly pleasing creative process for their clients. This led to the decision to conduct a B2B business model where the creative decision lies at the capable hands of their clients as they see fit for their own businesses and end consumers, without any limits.

Today, Spinel House proudly works with Burmese locals and esteemed businesses all over the world in showcasing and using Burmese spinels to its truest potential. A great amount of sincerity goes into empowering the people of Burma in discovering and leveraging on one of their country’s finest assets as well as teaming up with businesses globally in providing them with high-quality, versatile and affordable gemstones to match their specific commercial needs.

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