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LifeTime Watches was founded by two brothers (Leroy Slagter & Jeffrey Slagter), who together share a long-lasting passion for Rolex watches in particular. The origins of LifeTime Watches can be traced back to the fact that they wanted to make selling, owning and investing in watches accessible.

LifeTime Watches specializes in consignment and the purchase and sale of exclusive watches. LifeTime Watches is also the provider with the most extensive payment options in the market. Think of a one-time purchase, one-time investment with the outstanding amount based on a monthly payment or fully based on a monthly payment. According to LifeTime Watches, there is nothing more stable than exclusive watches. This is also the reason why in recent years more and more investors have also started investing in rolex watches. The popular Rolex models are becoming more and more valuable and are annually increased by Rolex by about 4% in price.

When a Rolex watch is properly maintained, it will last a lifetime. If something lasts a lifetime, increases in price by 4% annually, why pay in one go? That’s what we think at LifeTime Watches!

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