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Since 1948, when Armand Frohmann founded Frohmann jewelers in the beating heart of the diamond center in Antwerp, their brand and products are renowned for the outstanding quality of jewelry manufactured in the traditional way, with a little creative twist.

In 2005 Frohmann was acquired by Group Finkelstein ( est . 1896 ) amongst other things, the group is  renown for it’s unique quality and purity and accessibility  of diamonds  both rough and polished.

Today the Frohmann brand is led by Philippe Finkelstein  who mixes his high knowledge of craftsmanship and diamonds  with an innovative touch unseen till today.

Brands such as Cartier,  Baume & Mercier and Chanel  trust Frohmann since decades with  the distribution of their watch-collections.

Prestige and respect of the traditional craftsmanship in it’s highest level is their standard.  You will experience that by their personalized services and in the smallest details of their products and collections.

They would be pleased to welcome you after taking an appointment, so that they can offer you the time and the service only you deserve. 

But don’t worry, appointments are not mandatory; In case you are in Antwerp for a day, don’t hesitate to visit them without appointment, their team will be pleased to help you! 

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