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Alex Pig Timepieces Company

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Alex Pig Timepieces (trade under Alex Pig Limited), base in Hong Kong, established in year 2011. They look like a young player in this industry, but indeed, they started selling Rolex watches since year 2000 through eBay. After 2 years selling in eBay, they have already connected to a number of dealers around the world with their high quality products and competitive prices. Due to time and resources constraints, they decided to move out from retail and only focus on the direct deal with wholeseller. They have done quite successful in wholesale in subsequent years.

In year 2011, they feel they are ready to go back to retail again and have a target to expand their company even further. That’s why they have created “Alex Pig Timepieces” and started using “Alex Pig” as a public entity facing their customers.During their early establishment, they mainly focus the selling of branded watches.

In year 2012, they enrich their product line from watches to branded bags, e.g. Hermes and Chanel and jewellery, e.g. Grade A Jade as well.

They have a team of 5 people specialized in watches, bags/accessories, jade/jewellery, logistic handling and accounting.


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