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「Trusted Independent watch brand of Mondani Web」

Valimor is a watch and jewellery brand founded by Raymond Jones that aimed at creating original and unique designs for the global market. At VALIMOR we focus on the combination and harmony of the old with the new. Inspired by traditional eastern & western patterns, and using the latest technology, we create a stunning and original watches that are sure to get you compliments. Our philosophy is that life is a battle and we want to equip you with the confidence you need to stay strong and fight like a warrior in order to succeed.

These virtues are the main inspiration behind our brand. The name VALIMOR is a combination of VALiant and arMOR, the most important elements for every warrior, while our brand trademark logo is inspired by auspicious patterns.

In 2018, VALIMOR obtained design patents in United Kingdom (#90047422940001) and all 27-member states of the European Union (EUIPO Design Patent #004742294-0001 / #008778161-0001) for its designs.

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