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The Vintage Watch Company

The Vintage Watch Company was established in 1995 dedicated to showcasing Vintage Rolex wristwatches from c1910- c1970.

The Vintage Watch Company has also built an unrivalled collection of Vintage Rolex Sports watches from c1950 onwards. So they offer you the unique opportunity to view under one roof some of the Rarest Vintage Rolex Sports models in the world.

Choose from The First Rolex Submariner, later coined the James Bond, or the Early GMT Master made for Pan Am transatlantic Pilots. Decide between the First Rolex Explorer’s made famous by the Everest Expedition or the later Explorer II worn by Steve McQueen. They also specialise in Early Chronograph and Pre Daytona Rolex watches as well as all later Daytona models.

To support their collection they have created a dedicated state of the art workshop. Each watch is painstakingly brought back to its original condition and is sold with a 2 year International Guarantee.

Please visit their website at the following link:

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