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Rolex history
The history of this brand is full of big achievements and successes, these watches have accompanied explorers and achievers worldwide, getting to the top of the highest mountains to the deeper point of the ocean.

Important dates:
1905 Founding of “Wilsdorf & Davis”, a distribution company for horological items and watch case contractor headquartered in London. Specialized in movements with anchor escapements. 
1908 Hans Wilsdorf registers the Rolex trademark, with the company branch located at La-Chaux-de-Fonds, later moved to Bienne. 
1910 Rolex obtains at Bienne the first official rating certi cate in the world ever awarded to a wristwatch. It has an 11’’’ movement. 
1914 Rolex obtains from the Kew Observatory the first class “A” certi cate awarded to a wristwatch. The round movement measures 11’’’ in diameter. The 45 day test was executed in ve positions and at three temperatures. 
1919 Hans Wilsdorf transfers the Rolex of ce to Geneva, at 18, Rue du Marché, and founds the manufacturing company, Montres Rolex S.A. 
1925 Rolex obtains a class “A” certificate from the Kew Observatory for a 5 3/4’’’ oval chronometer. 
1926 Rolex invents and patents a screw-down crown, which is now referred to as “Triplock” or “Twinlock”, depending on the model. Rolex invents and patents the Oyster, the first truly water-resistant wristwatch case in the world. 
For the first time the Kew Observatory issues a class “A” bulletin with the mention, “Specially Good”, for a 6 3/4’’’ wrist chronometer earning 86.5 points out of 100. 
1927 Mercedes Gleitze swims across the English Channel wearing a Rolex Oyster, which was in perfect condition after 15 hours and 15 minutes immersion. 
1928 Rolex obtains a First Class Certi cate from the Geneva Astronomical Observatory, the first ever awarded for a 6 3/4’’’ chronometer. 
Rolex obtains another class “A” bulletin from the Kew Observatory for a round 8 3/4’’’ chronometer. 
1929 The company launches the first Prince model onto the market, with reference numbers 971, 971A and 971U, produced from 1929 to 1935. 
Rolex obtains a First Class Certi cate for a wrist chronometer measuring 6 3/4’’’, for the first time from the Neuchatel Observatory. 
1931 Rolex invents and patents the Perpetual automatic rotary winding mechanism, precursor to all modem automatic watches, and launched the first Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Ref. 1858. 
1932 Rolex obtains a First Class bulletin from the Besançon Observatory for a 6 3/4’’’ chronometer. 
1934 Rolex obtains a class “A” bulletin for an extra- at 16 1/2’’’ chronometer measuring 2.8 mm thick. 
1935 Rolex obtains a First Class bulletin from the Neuchatel Observatory for an extra- at 16 1/2”’ chronometer measuring 2.8 mm thick. 
Sir Malcolm Campbell, with a Rolex on his wrist, breaks the world speed record at Salt Lake Flats in the U.S., driving the “Bluebird" a special race car, over 300 miles per hour. 
1937 Rolex releases the first Rolex Precision into the marketplace, with case and hooded lugs in stainless steel, or steel and gold combination, Ref. 3003 and 3004. 
Introduction of the Oyster “Centregraph” model, with engine turned bezel, Ref. 3642, less than 50 produced in steel only. 
1939 Introduction of
-the first Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chronometer with hooded lugs,  Ref. 3065, 1000 examples produced until 1950; 
-the first chronograph with 30 minute and 12 hour counters, Ref. 3335 produced in either gold or steel in 250 examples; 
-the first humidity and dust resistant Oyster chronographs, Ref. 3481 and 3481 L. G.; 
-the famous square chronograph produced either in gold or in steel, Ref. 3529, 62 examples. 
1940 Introduction of the Oyster chronograph with 30 minute register, round pushers, produced in 1400 examples between 1940 and 1941, in either steel or gold, Ref. 3525. 
1941 Introduction of the first Rolex Oyster Perpetual for ladies, with sub-seconds, covered 7 3/4’’’ movement, Ref. 420. 
1942 the company obtains a First Class bulletin from the Neuchatel Observatory with a 12 1/2’’’ chronometer scoring 9.65 points, the best result ever obtained by a chronometer under 13’’’. The record was unbeaten for three years. 
Production of 12 examples of a split-seconds chronograph in steel, Ref. 4113, in part ordered by the Italian Armed Forces. 
1945 Rolex obtains from the Bureaux Suisses the 50,000th certi cate for wrist chronometers. This event is unique in the history of horology. 
1947 Introduction of the Oyster chronograph with 12 hour register and triple date, Ref. 4767, produced in 200 examples. 
Introduction of the chronograph with 12 hour register and triple date, Ref 4768, produced in 220 examples. 
1948 Introduction of the Oyster chronograph with 12 hour register and triple date, Ref. 6036, produced until 1955. 
1949 Rolex, by order of the Italian Army, produces 15 splitseconds chronographs with 30 minute registers, in steel, Ref. 4110. 
Creation of the Precision chronograph “Gabus”, produced in 37 yellow gold examples, and as well in 37 pink gold (18 carat). 
1950 Introduction of the first Oyster Perpetual Chronometer with lunar phases and date, produced between 1950 and 1953 in 350 yellow gold examples, 50 in pink gold, and an unspeci ed number in steel, Ref. 6062. 
Launch of the Turn-o-Graph with reference 6202 in steel or steel and gold, predecessor of the Submariner, produced in a few thousand examples. 
1953 Creation of the first automatic diver’s wristwatch, the Submariner, Ref. 6204, water-resistant to 100 meters. The more recent model is guaranteed water-resistant to a depth of 300 meters. 
Launch of the Submariner, Ref. 6200, water-resistant to 200 meters. 
Rolex launches the GMT-Master model, an automatic water-resistant chronometer with calendar, conceived originally for pilots, which indicates the exact time in a choice of two time zones at once. 
1956 Introduction of the Day-Date model, the first water-resistant, automatic wristwatch with calendar indicating the date and the day of the week, spelled out in any of 26 languages. 
1958 Introduction of the Oyster chronograph with 12 hour registers and triple date, Ref. 6236, three piece case, produced to the end of 1962. 
1959 Launch of a new model of Submariner, Ref. 5512, water-resistant to 200 meters. 
1960 A specially constructed Rolex Oyster, fixed to the outside of the bathysphere, “Trieste”, descends to 10,916 meters in the Mariana Trench, off Guam in the Paci c, subjected to a pressure of more than a metric ton per square centimeter. Upon resurfacing, Jacques Piccard declared the watch to be in perfect functional condition. 
1961 Introduction of the first of the chronograph series, Oyster Cosmograph, Ref. 6239, followed later by Ref. 6241. 
1962 Launch of the Oyster Chronograph, Ref. 6238, produced in 3,600 examples in either 14 carat, 18 carat, or in stainless steel from 1962 to 1967. 
1965 Rolex obtains the 700,000th official bulletin for a wrist chronometer. This was roughly half of the total Swiss chronometer production of 50 years. 
1967 Presentation of the Oyster Perpetual “Sea Dweller,” guaranteed water-resistant to a depth of 610 meters. It is the first divers’ wristwatch in the the world equipped with a helium escape valve, Ref. 1665. 
1969 Introduction of the first Submariner with date, Ref. 1680, water-resistant to 200 meters. 
1971 Presentation of the new Oyster Chronometer Daytona chronograph with watertight screw-down pushers. Produced at first in steel, later in either 14 carat or 18 carat gold, with black bezel (Ref. 6263) or engraved bezel (Ref. 6265). 
1974 Introduction of the OysterQuartz, water-resistant, with calendar, 11 jewel quartz movement, functioning perfectly in magnetic fields up to 1,000 Oersted. 
Introduction of the Sea-Dweller “4000”, guaranteed water-resistant to 1,220 meters, equipped with helium escape valve, Ref. 16660. 
1988 Introduction of the new Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Chronometer “Daytona”, in steel (Ref. 16520), steel and gold (Ref. 16523), and gold (Ref. 16528), the rst series with tachometer bezel to 200 kilometers per hour, the second series with tachometer bezel to 400 kilometers per hour. 
Rolex by this date has produced more than half of the Swiss chronometers ever receiving certi cation from the Swiss Bureau for Chronometer Inspection. 
1994 Rolex adds to the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master series, a ladies’ model (Ref. 69628), and an intermediate size (Ref. 68628) in 18 carat yellow gold. 
1995 The Yacht-Master chronometer, originally only available in 18 carat yellow gold, is introduced in steel and 18 carat, exclusively in the ladies’ version (Ref. 69623) and in the mid-size (Ref. 68623). 
1997 An 18 carat white gold version was added to the Oyster Perpetual Chronometer Cosmograph “Daytona” series, Ref. 16519, with leather strap. 
1999 Launch of the new Oyster Perpetual Date “Yacht- Master” Rolesium, in stainless steel and platinum. 
2000 The Day-Date model is re-issued with new references, Launch of the new chronograph, Oyster Perpetual Chronometer Cosmograph “Daytona”, with self-winding movement 4130 
2003 Presentation of the new Oyster Perpetual Date Submariner. With this model, Ref. 16610 LV, Rolex celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Submariner, the reference for all immersion watches. 
2004 Presentation of the new Turn-O-Graph (Ref. 116264), the new Datejust, Ref. 116138 and 116238, in 18 carat yellow gold, the Cosmograph Daytona: Ref. 116598 SACO and more Daytona 
2005 Introduction of the new PRINCE (references: 5441/9, 5440/8, 5442/5 and 5443/9)
At Baselworld, Rolex introduces a new version of the GMT-MASTER II, the ref. 116718, created to celebrate its 50th year on the market. There are two dial versions with enlarged indexes: GREEN DIAL and BLACK DIAL (which highlights the arm of the 24 hour hand and the calendar numerals in green)
2007 Introduction of the new generation of the MILGAUSS model born in the 50’s: the reference 116400 with white or black dial and the 116400 GV with black dial and a green sapphire crystal which represents the “anniversary version”.
Rolex launches the YACHT-MASTER II on the market: the regatta chronograph.
At the Baselworld, Rolex introduces the new GMT- MASTER II, ref. 116710 in stainless steel, writing GMT – MASTER II and arm of the 24 hours hand in green.
2008 Introduction of the SEA-DWELLER DEEPSEA, ref. 116660 waterproof up to a depth of 12,800 feet – 3,900 meters: the new generation Oyster diver’s watch.
 Rolex presents the new SUBMARINER DATE with the ref. 116618, yellow gold and black dial and ref. 116619, white gold and blue bezel; both of them are waterproof until 300 meters.
The chronograph DAYTONA is presented in 18 carat Everose gold (ref. 116505) for the first time.
 Presentation of the Day – Date: white, yellow and pink gold, and platinum with mm. 41 case, mm. 5 more than the old versions.
2009 Presentation of the new Day-Date II in white and yellow gold with bezel with diamonds (references 218399 and 218348)
Presentation of the Cosmograph Daytona in 18k whitegold (references 116599 4RU and 116589 RBR)
Presentation of the Datejust Royal Pink in 18K everose ref. 116185 BBR
Presentation of the Submariner Date ref. 116613 LN in yellow rolesor with black dial
Presentation of the Submariner Date ref. 116613 LB in white rolesor with blue dial
2010 Introduction of the new EXPLORER I in stainless steel 904L (diameter 39 mm) ref. 214270
Presentation of the Submariner Date (diameter 39 mm) in stainless steel 904L, ref. 116610 LN
Presentation of the Submariner Date (diameter 39 mm) in stainless steel 904L, ref. 116610 LV with green bezel and green dial
2011 Introduction of s the new EXPLORER II, which celebrates 40 years form its presetation in 1971.
Presentation of the Yacht-Master II a revolutionary regatta chronograph equipped with an exclusive programmable countdown with a mechanical memory.
Presentation of the new Daytona ref. 116515LN in 18K everose with black bezel insert.
Presentation of the nuovo Datejust Special Edition ref. 81315 (diameter34 mm) in 18K everose.
2012 Rolex presents the Sky-Dweller, with a dual time zone, with local time read via centre hands and a reference time display in 24-hour format read via a rotating off-centre disc visible on the dial.
Presentation of the new Submariner No-Date ref. 114060
Presentation of the new Yacht-Master ROLESIUM ref. 116622
Presentation of the new Cosmograph Daytona in yellow and white gold with rainbow bezel. Ref 116598 RBOW and 116599 RBOW
New Datejust II in stainless steel
New Datejust 36 mm in EVEROSE gold
2013 Introduction of the new Daytona in platinum ref. 116506
Presentation of the new GMT-Master with CERACHROM bezel ref. 116710BLNR
Presentation of the Yacht-Master II in stainless steel, ref. 116680
Presentation of the Day-Date ref. 118138/118139 available in green,chocolate, blue, cognac
Presentation of the Day-Date ref. 118395 BR / 118399 BR
2014 Introduction of the new GMT-Master in white gold with red and blue bezel, the new Sea-Dweller 4000, three new models of Sky-Dweller, the GV Milgauss with blue dial , a diamond paved Daytona and a new coollection of Cellini
2015 Rolex presents four references of the new Day-Date 40, the black Yacht-Master in everose with Oysterflex bracelet, two models of Oyster Perpetual, three examples of Datejust Pearlmaster and four references of Cellini.
2016 Introduction of the Daytona Cerachrom 116500
2017 Introduction of the Sea-Dweller with Cyclops lens and red inscription. New Sky-Dweller in stainless steel.
Rolex models

Bubble Back
Cosmograph Daytona
Datejust and Datejust II
Explorer and Explorer II
GMT-Master and GMT-Master II
Oyster Perpetual
Submariner and Submariner Date
Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II

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