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At Mondani Web marketplace you can find an exquisite selection of Patek Philippe for sale. Patek Philippe is the main and latest family-owned independent watch manufacturer in Geneva, Switzerland.
Thanks to the intelligent leadership of Philippe Stern, Patek Philippe watches have become a true legend, a beautiful and compelling story made of tradition, rarity innovation, quality, independence and emotions.
History of Patek Philippe market and production

1839 Antoine Norbert de Patek and Francois Czapek founded the firm Patek, Czapek & Co. in Geneva, with head offices located at 29, Quai des Bergues.
1842 Jean Adrien Philippe made the first watch which could be wound and set by means of the crown.
1845 Philippe is accorded Patent No. 1317 for his first system of winding by means of the crown. 
1851 The same partners establish a new company with the name Patek Philippe & Co. Beyer Zurich becomes the world ́s first official agent for Patek Philippe & Co.
Tiffany & Co., New York, becomes the first official customer of Patek Philippe & Co. in the U.S.A.
1863 On June 16, Adrien Philippe is accorded Patent No. 58941 for the “slipping” mainspring. This invention allows simultaneous winding of two or more mainspring barrels, a technique which is the foundation for all further development of self-winding systems in wristwatches. 
1880  The first prize in the Chronometer Competition of the Geneva Observatory is obtained by a pocket chronometer with lever escapement and a Breguet overcoil hairspring.
1887  the trademark Patek, Philippe & Cie Fabricants à Genève is registered with No. 1881, with the symbol of the Calatrava cross. [Calatrava: Spanish religious and military order founded in 1158 at Calatrava (Nueva Castilla)].

1899 A patent is granted for a push-button system to trigger the minute repeater.

1902 On March 10, at 8 a.m. the trademark Chronometro Gondolo is registered 
        1915  Creation of the first lady ́s wristwatch with 5 minute repeater. 
        1916  A very complicated astronomical pocket watch is sold to James Ward Packard; it is No. 174129, in 18K gold, with perpetual calendar with retrograde date, phases of the moon, Grande et Petite Sonnerie on 3 gongs, minute repeater, split-seconds chronograph and diablotine at a fifth of a second, 60-minute and 12-hour recorders, and up and down indicators for both the movement and the chime. 

1917  An astronomical pocket watch is sold to James Ward Packard. It is No. 174623, in 18K gold, with perpetual calendar, sunrise and sunset, and phases of the moon.
        1920  An astronomical 18K gold pocket watch, No. 174749, is sold to James Ward Packard; it has Westminster Carillon, Grande et Petite Sonnerie on 4 gongs, minute repeater, perpetual calendar, power reserve indicators for the movement and the chime, a 22 ́ ́ ́ rhodium-plated movement, 37 jewels, lever escapement, bimetallic balance wheel, and Breguet overcoil hairspring with micrometric regulation.
        1925  Construction begins of minute repeating wristwatch movements. Patek Philippe makes the world ́s first instantaneous changing perpetual calendar wristwatch, with indication of leap years. 
        1926  Fabrication of the first single push-button wrist chronograph, with 13 ́ ́ ́ movement, 23 jewels. 
        1929 Beginning of the production of wristwatches with jumping digital hours, 10 ́ ́ ́ caliber, and other models with jumping hours and minutes. 
1930  Beginning of the fabrication of a wristwatch with split-seconds chronograph and perpetual calendar, beginning of the fabrication of a wristwatch with minute repeater, perpetual calendar, platinum case and beginning of the use of the 9 ́ ́ ́ round caliber for wristwatches, used until the early 1940s.
        1932  The brothers Charles and Jean Stern acquire the majority of the shares of Patek Philippe & Cie. 
        1933  The most complicated watch manufactured by Patek Philippe before 1989, second only to the Calibre 89, is sold to Henry Graves Junior. 

        1935  Manufacture of the 8 ́ ́ ́-80 rectangular caliber.
        1936  Manufacture of the 8 ́ ́ ́-85 round caliber
        1937  Manufacture of a World Time wristwatch, Ref. 515.
1939 Manufacture of the 12 ́ ́ ́-120 HU (Heures Universelles) housed in gold wristwatches.
        1941  Beginning of the production of Ref. 1518, astronomical wristwatch with perpetual calendar and phases of the moon, chronograph and 30-minute recorder, square buttons, of which 281 pieces were manufactured up to 1954. 
        1944  Beginning of the production of Ref. 1591 
        1945  Creation of a 13 ́ ́ ́ 1/4 wristwatch with one minute Tourbillon.
        1950  Beginning of the production of the famous ref. 2499
        1952  Beginning of the production of Ref. 2458.

        1953  Manufacture of the 12 ́ ́ ́-400 HU (Heures Universelles) caliber. 
        1954  Manufacture of automatic wristwatches with indication of the two time zones on two parallel dials, but with a single movement. 
        1960  Manufacture of caliber 27-460, round, of which 6,900 pieces were made; in use up to 1970.
1961  Manufacture of caliber 23-300 Q with perpetual calendar. Only three pieces made, with Ref. 3449. Manufacture of caliber 27-460 M 
1962  Manufacture of caliber 27-460 Q, automatic, with perpetual calendar and phases of the moon.
        1966  Philippe Stern enters the firm Patek Philippe, owned and managed by his father.
1974 Fabrication of the first photoelectric cell clock with quartz movement (caliber 33).
1979 Manufacture of caliber 1-350 of which 10 ́000 pieces were made and in use up to 1985. 

1981 Fabrication of the gentleman ́s “Nautilus” Ref. 3800/1, automatic movement with date and centre-seconds, water-resistant case to 120 m., made of yellow, white and pink gold, platinum, steel and gold or stainless steel. Beginning of the production of Ref. 3450, caliber 27-460 Q with automatic winding, perpetual calendar and indication of leap years, of which 244 pieces were made up to 1985, in yellow and white gold.

1985 Beginning of the production of Ref. 3940, caliber 240 Q with automatic winding and perpetual calendar.1989 For the 150th anniversary of the firm, development of the Officer ́s campaign-watch, Ref. 3960. 2000 pieces are produced in yellow gold, 150 in white gold and 50 in platinum.
For the 150th anniversary, development of the “tonneau” model Ref. 3969 and presentation of the Calibre 89, the most complicated watch in the world,
        1992  Beginning of the production of Ref. 5013, 3939, 5040, 5000
1993  Henri Stern becomes Chairman of the Company, and Philippe Stern is nominated President.. Beginning of the production of Ref. 5016.
        1996  Beginning of the production of the Annual Calendar model Ref. 5035 and production of the ref. 5038
        1997  Launching of the Pagoda wristwatch to celebrate the inauguration of the new watch center at PlanlesOuates. 
        1998  Beginning of the production of Ref. 5070, manual winding chronograph wristwatch with hand indicating 5th of seconds, 30-minute register, water-resistant to 25 meters, produced in yellow gold only, caliber 27-70. Beginning of the production of Ref. 5059, perpetual calendar, moon phases, retrograde hand for the date, caliber 315 SQR, automatic movement, center-seconds. Water-resistant to 25 m., it is produced in yellow, white, pink gold or platinum. 
        1999  Beginning of the production of Ref. 5054.
2000  Ref. 5100 is launched. This reference has a newly-developed movement with 10-day power reserve, a first in the history of watchmaking.
        2001  Beginning of the production of Ref: 5002, the “Sky Moon Tourbillon”, comprising 686 parts is the most complicated wristwatch produced by Patek Philippe, and the first wristwatch with a complete star chart on the reverse. 
        2002  Beginning of the production of the “Celestial Watch”, caliber 240 LU CL,. 
        2003  Beginning of the production of Ref. 5101 P, the “10-Day Tourbillon”.
2005 Launch of the first “Advanced Research” timepiece

2009 Thierry Stern becomes president and launches the Patek Philippe Seal: a quality benchmark for its mechanical timepieces

2011 Launch of the Ref. 5270, the new chronograph with perpetual calendar 

2013 Launch of the Sky Moon Tourbillon, Ref. 6002

2014 The Nautilus Travel Time chronograph Ref. 5990/1A is presented

2016: Patek Philippe celebrates 40 years of production of the Nautilus with two important limited editions 

2017: Patek Philippe celebrates the 20th birthday of the Aquanaut collection, for this special event Patek Philippe presented at Baselworld 2017 the Aquanaut ref. 5168G in 18K white gold

Patek Philippe for sale represent today very sought after timepieces... They are both collectable timepieces and fashion accessories

        A Patek Philippe is an important achievement for every man and watch collector. To wear a Patek Philippe on one’s wrist is not only a sign of distinction; it is also a proof of character, of cultivation, of a superior lifestyle. I know that many readers will agree with me, and it is to them that I dedicate this book. Though it will necessarily contain repetitions as concerns certain models, I hope it will also break new ground and provide greater detail and previously unpublished information that readers will find useful when making future choices and decisions. 
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