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Omega watches: heritage and innovation
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Omega is nowadays one of the top watch brands in the world; watchmaking has always been the heart of their name, as well as sport has always been inspiring.

The company is based in Biel, Switzerland, and was created in 1848. Omega watches are very resistant, fashionable and reliable time keepers. 

Omega was the choice of of the Britain’s Royal Flying Corps and American Army as official watch for combats units and it was the watch that the NASA has chosen to go to the moon. 
Omega has been the official watch  of the Olympic Games since 1932.

The iconic Speedmaster Professional is the “Moonwatch”

The Speedmaster first appeared in 1957, following an idea by Pierre Moinat, creative director of Omega. His plan was for a robust, waterproof chronograph on a band offering an easily read dial. The name, Speedmaster, was chosen as a suggestion for its use. The external bezel with engraved tachometric scale was one of the novelties. The black dial with tritium-plated hands and hours recalled the instruments found in a car and contributed to conferring a classic yet sporty look to the Speedmaster. The case, with the base-plate screwed down and the pump-action chronograph buttons, was designed by Claude Baillod, one of Omega’s designers, and the first prototype was made by Georges Hartmann. The movement used was mechanical and wound manually. 
The success deriving from their use for the Nasa space missions was well deserved. Only after a long period of severe testing and comparisons with other apparently similar chronographs was the watch given the “Professional” title and allowed to accompany the first (Apollo XI) mission and the last landing on the Moon (Apollo XVII). 
In half a century of production, there have been some aesthetic and mechanical transformations: the case has changed form and size, the calibre is different and variants have been made in precious metals. There have been more or less successful series but all have presented character and personality. The Speedmaster Professional is still today part of the “EVA” (Extra Vehicular Activity) equipment used by all astronauts for their “strolls” in space!  (source “The Master of Omega” book) 
The price of the Omega Moonwatch is getting higher and higher, that’s why it is necessary having a good knowledge and information if you are looking for a Vintage Omega Speedmaster for sale.
Other important models by Omega are:
- Seamaster: the diver’s watch by Omega, with a long and rich history of innovations. The Ploprof 1200 M model is waterproof up to 1200 meters.
- Speedsonic: the  chronograph with chronometer certification. The movement of the Speedsonic was neither mechanical nor quartz, but electromechanical. 
- Flightmaster: designed to meet the speci c demands of aircraft pilots, but also for travellers requiring a complete instrument.
A chronograph with manual winding and internal rotating bezel with 60-minute scale and GMT function, made possible by an autonomous hand adjustable using an extra crown. 
 - Constellation & De Ville: the classic models by Omega 

Omega is the watch worn by James Bond since 1995

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