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United Kingdom

Their service centre brings together the skills of qualified experts, while embracing the enthusiasm of a new generation of watchmakers.

Every watch repair or service is undertaken by one of their highly skilled, watchmakers using manufacturer-approved tools. they’re dedicated to providing a first class service, so they offer a quick turnaround time for the work they complete, as well as a comprehensive 12 month warranty.

Each watch is assigned to one of their team of watchmakers, who will give it a full health check.

The watch will be fully deconstructed according to brand procedure so that each part can be cleaned and replaced if necessary.

Applying a finish to a premium watch can be a tricky process, with every brand and piece having its own specific technique. Their technicians are in each individual finish, whether it’s brushed, polished or sandblasted.

They are stablished in Shrewsbury, UK.

Follow them on Instagram and visit their website at the following link: www.wttimepieces.com

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