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After almost 25 years of professional experience in responsible positions in both purchasing and sales at companies such as Wrigley (the ones with the chewing gum), Vivil (the ones with the candies), RedBull (the ones with the energy drink) or Groupon (the ones with the Vouchers), he, Nils Luber, decided to start his own company.

But, why watches?, Nils says, “Watches have always fascinated me. Starting with a Swatch, then with a Casio, then a Certina – until it became a Rolex Milgauss for the first time, which I still love to wear today. The most important reason has probably been the past 3 years. During this time, I managed the entire purchase at CHRONEXT (the one with the luxury watches online) and also took care of the VIP customers.”

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