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Swiss Watches Service Center (Svájci Órák Szervize Kft.) is a luxury watch dealer based in Budapest (Hungary).

In their store they provide their customers with exactly the same quality and professional level of service as the most prestigious Swiss luxury watch brands. 

They sell pre-owned luxury watches with warranty and cash payment is absolutely possible in their shop, no limit. 

Their employees are highly qualified, professionally updated and committed to their work. Their passion for Swiss watches, their humility, their regular Swiss professional training and almost 20 years of time spent servicing luxury watches are the guarantee of the quality work that their customers rightly expect.

Their services include complete refurbishment, servicing and maintenance of vintage and modern watches, and they welcome watch lovers to their exclusive downtown shop with a selection of exceptional beauty.

In any case, they provide a service tailored to individual needs. In addition to professional assistance, they always provide a warranty to their customers for repairs.

Their flexible customer service is at your disposal so don’t hesitate to contact them!

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