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Daniel Nicolas Maurer, founder of NIC Watches, has always been a passionate collector of rare and exotic objects. Beginning with rare minerals and moving over to gemstones, he reached Swiss jewelry industry.

Then he started collecting watches. A pre-owned watch is not just sustainable resource it is arguably; mobile art. Wearing a vintage watch is a distinct pleasure that invariably brings the wearer joy. While wearing a vintage timepiece brings its obvious aesthetic rewards, over time the owner of such can also reap the reward of an appreciating pecuniary investment.

Today in their online shop you can find  the highest quality, distinctly practical and wearable watches in an arguably low to mid-range price point whenever possible.

Timepieces from Nic Watches e.K. are inspected and adjusted by a brand’s authorized master watchmaker adept in the repair, maintenance, and care of luxury brands such as: Rolex, Breitling, Tudor, IWC and many more.

Some watches come with a full-service guarantee through the manufacturer. If not, upon request by the customer, a service guarantee can be added for a nominal fee.

Please contact him through the site, via e-mail or via telephone. He only sells watches online and he doesn’t  have a storefront. He will be happy to assist you via fellow collectors and dealers to find a timepiece that fits your personal criteria.

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