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La Maison De l’Horlogerie



Located for 50 years in a magnificent building in downtown Geneva, the Maison de l’Horlogerie offers a wide range of quality watches and jewelry.

The brothers Alain and Olivier Guttly breathed new life into the Maison de l’Horlogerie by developing the second-hand watch buying and selling service.

They have also integrated new brands into the store such as Tissot, Longines, Hermès or Montblanc.

The term “Maison” of the Maison de l’Horlogerie, visionary in its time, illustrates the desire for development and takes on its full dimension with this concept store where, like in a family house, a warm atmosphere reigns where everyone finds their place.

The world of watchmaking is a vast universe which is not limited to the sale of watches. The Maison de l’Horlogerie is, in Geneva, the place of quality in which this universe can fully develop.
This arrangement offers much more than a simple boutique and sets out its offer and services in a multitude of areas appealing to watchmaking in a concept store. Under the same brand and in a unique place, they offer their customers to buy, sell, repair, exchange watches, but also to take advantage of the conference space, to stroll in the gallery or to have a drink at the bar.

They want to offer a global and powerful concept, in which the term “House” takes on its full meaning and includes a multitude of concepts that are based on the same theme.

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