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Davide Pedretti Luxury Watches



DP LUXURY WATCHES was born from the passion of his owner Davide Pedretti, a “bolognese” entrepreneur who, after several experiences in the field of fashion, decides, in 2015, to finally do what excites him the most, watches.

Always aware of the particular needs of the collectors, he offers rare and never trivial watches, difficult to find in a short time, making his customers more than satisfied.

Davide Pedretti personally selects the best watches of the most prestigious brands, ranging from vintage to modern, always maintaining the high quality of his watches.

The Show-Room is located in the center of Bologna, inside the historic Notaries Gallery in Via D’Azeglio 4. He will be happy to offer you an accurate dedicated support service.

Please follow them on social media and visit their website at the following link: www.davidepedretti.com

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