Catawiki B.V.

We are extremely proud to have Catawiki as official partner of Mondani Web:

Catawiki was founded in 2008 and it was originally designed as a website where collectors could manage and keep track of their collections online. Visitors can still add new items to the existing catalogue of collectibles. In 2011, Catawiki began hosting weekly auctions in various categories, including art, antiques, classic cars, watches, jewellery, fashion, books, and stamps.

Nowadays Catawiki’s auctions are carefully compiled by a team of experts who help guarantee a varied and high quality selection of lots.

Catawiki welcomes many millions of visitors from all over the world every month.

Interested in seling your items at Catawiki auctions? You have several advantages, such as: 

-high revenues

-swift and secure sales

-in house experts

-international audience

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Catawiki B.V.   

Address Corso Torino, 9/1
16129 Genova, Italy