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Artisan Du Temps

Artisan Du Temps - MondaniWeb

Artisan Du Temps



Since 2004, Artisan Du Temps is a professional company in the world of watchmaking collectibles.

A team of passionate and specialized craftsmen are at your service, their watchmakers are qualified. They possess a watchmaking know-how that allows them to give the perfect advice when buying or selling, or to look after your rare and precious watches in the best possible way. It is by working at the bench that Artisan Du Temps appreciates and knows the fine mechanicals, and not by learning many catalogs  as many simple watch merchants do.

The store is divided into two parts since you will find the shop itself on one side and the repair shop on the other. The shop has a prestigious collection of vintage and collector watches. They are all perfectly authentic, checked, revised and always sold with warranty! The workshop is composed of several workstations, dedicated to repairs of vintage or recent quality watches and repairs of beautiful clocks.

Artisan Du Temps workshop is very well equipped, the old tools rub shoulders with modern tools, which allow a quality technical approach for the repair of your timepieces. They also have a wide selection of books dealing with vintage and collector watches as well as clocks, which you can consult on request.

Do not hesitate to go and visit them and ask them for an experienced opinion on your watch!