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Original Watch Wallet



The Original Watch wallet is created by professionals. In conjuction with watchmakers, collectors, and watch producers. This is a safe pouch to store or transport your watch.

The Original Watch wallet is not just an ordinary pouch, but especially designed for its purpose. Strengthened on vital parts. Increased size and upgraded soft plastic. This pouch does not get ‘hard’ after time and can be used several times. The ultimate storage for you watches.

The Original Watch Wallet will protect your watch against damages and scratches. Dust free and protected against environmental hazards.

The sturdies design of the Original Watch Wallet allows watches to travel in a high quality, pristinely designed watch pouch. The pouch is sized for almost all watches with bracelets.

A must have for watch collectors, watchmakers and watch dealers. Follow them on Instagram and visit their website theoriginalwatchwallet.com


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