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Maria Candida Gentile

Innovating the rules of classic perfumery, clinging to the naturalness of olfactory essences and joyfully moving away from fashions and conventions.

These are the objectives of the MCG Maison, together with values ​​such as tradition and avant-garde, naturalness and nourishment of the soul, nobility and rebellion.

Nose, artist, creative visionary. If perfumery is an art without a muse, Maria Candida Gentile is a creator who puts herself explicitly on the edge , in the interstitial spaces between classical perfumery and dialogue with modern art.

Over the years, in her search for ingredients, Maria Candida Gentile has chosen the most precious and highest quality molecules from all over the world. From Madagascan vanilla, to black tea from Lankaran, each and every ingredient is tested by the Nose, and only the truly exceptional ones pass the selection process.

All of the perfumes in the MCG Collection are made using only natural molecules, allowing the scent to maintain its original strength and letting the perfume fully communicate with the soul of the wearer.

The naturalness of the perfumes has a positive effect on the skin and can be worn with ease and individuality. The essence has a long life thanks to the natural treatment and maceration process.

Maria Candida Gentile’s foundations come from the great classic schools of perfumery, and she remains faithful to the use of strictly natural molecules, which have been carefully selected and handled so to preserve the full expressive power.

At this link you can find her entire selection of high quality products. Furthermore, Maria Candida Gentile designs olfactory environments for super-exclusive reception areas: many of the most famous Italian relais hotels carry her bespoke signature scents in communal areas as well as in the range of complimentary toiletries.

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