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The company Canovi Coperture Srl, active mainly in Emilia Romagna and throughout northern Italy, has been, for years, engaged in the field of problems related to asbestos remediation, removal and disposal services from the civil and industrial buildings.

The company, in fact, bases its work on the values of sustainable development, recognizing the natural environment as a fundamental importance in the economic and social development of the territory. Canovi Coperture is one of the leading companies, in Emilia Romagna’s area, known also, for the construction and refurbishment of civil and industrial roofs and for the design and installation of photovoltaic systems, serving businesses and families.

Their goal is to contribute to the safety of the land by cleaning up asbestos artefacts and reducing the risk of contracting diseases as a result of the long exposure or proximity to this toxic material and to reduce the environmental impact by removing it properly and giving convenient solutions to those who own it.

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