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Caffè Caboto

Torrefazione  Caffè Caboto is now a partner of “Un Caffè con Giorgia”

The blends of Torrefazione Caffè Caboto are expertly mixed by expert hands and come from the enchanted lands of Brazil, the historic plantations of Africa and spiritual India. Each quality of coffee reflects the characteristics of the land from which it comes, together they give life to precious quality blends, perfectly balanced with unique and particular aromas. A roastery that has remained artisanal and family-run since 1955. Founded by the iron will of the owner Leonardo Boero, today the company is run by his son Livio and his nephews Lorenzo and Luca who, proud of their work, continue to make their gained experience available and decide to innovate the coffee production line to make it suitable for modern requests and increasingly varied blends. With courage and determination, Torrefazione Caffè Caboto undertakes an important rebranding operation to give a new identity to the brand and to communicate those concepts of innovation and modernity achieved with the generational transition. In the history of a family there is the history of coffee. The imported raw coffee is carefully evaluated and selected, paying close attention to the farms of origin.

After the roasting phase, which takes place origin by origin, we proceed with the creation of the blends handed down by Grandfather Leonardo Boero over the years and distributing them both in grains and in capsules of different sizes. It is still a virtuous path, that of the Boero family and its coffee. Intense, like the taste that reaches the palate when sipping a steaming cup.

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