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Bukowskis Auktioner

Bukowskis is one of the most important auction houses in Northern Europe, they have been arranging high quality auctions for almost 150 years. They provide knowledgeable specialists and a fantastic offering to their clients, they are specialized in art, design and antiques. They organize traditional hammer auctions as well as online ones, they have various services for valuations.

Auctions with record results

With the highest number of lots sold for more than SEK 1 million of all Scandinavian auction houses for many years running, Bukowskis stands head and shoulders above the competition. Auctions are held at our awesome, modernised premises at Berzelii Park in Stockholm. With a wealth of expertise, the Nordic region’s leading specialists and a broad network of contacts, we have achieved record prices over the years for works by artists including Andy Warhol, Otto G Carlsund, Anders Zorn, Picasso, Axel Einar Hjorth and Georg Haupt.

High quality online sales

The best exposure results in the best sales. At Bukowskis’ online auctions, thousands of buyers from all over the world get access every day to our design classics, artworks and antiques. We offer a simple way to sell and buy online. Submit an online enquiry together with pictures of your object, visit one of our offices or arrange a home visit from one of our experienced valuers.

Home valuations

Bukowskis boasts the most experienced valuers and specialists in the industry, who can help you with all types of valuations: sale valuations, insurance valuations, change of ownership valuations and estate proceedings. We have offices and valuation teams in Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg and Helsinki. We are also available for home visits throughout Sweden and in many other countries. We offer professional valuations for anything from exclusive paintings and furniture to design pieces and antiques. We will then help you to sell your objects at the auctions where they will get the best exposure and attract the right buyers.

Tailor-made private sales

Buying or selling art, antiques and design pieces outside the main auction calendar may be an attractive alternative for those who want a discrete, flexible, fast and less public channel. Bukowskis Private Sales offers tailor-made solutions with individual agreements that are adapted according to your specific needs and wishes. With Bukowskis Private Sales you can carry out your purchases or sales at any time of the year, without being tied to set auction dates. Our knowledgeable specialists and estate agents will use our international network to find a strong potential buyer or seller.

Real estate and complete homes

Since 2014, Bukowskis Real Estate has sold modernist icons, turn-of-the-century apartments, waterfront properties and country houses throughout Sweden. You can meet some of the country’s most highly respected estate agents, with extensive experience of selling high profile homes, at our Stockholm, Båstad and Malmö offices.

A home is more than just a building. If you want to sell both your home and its contents, Bukowskis’ Complete Homes concept is a convenient choice. Bukowskis’ combined channels will ensure that your property and its furniture, artworks and antiques get the maximum sale exposure, having been professionally and independently valued by our estate agents and valuers.

Visit their Web Site:  bukowskis.com

Timepieces: bukowskis.com/timepieces


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