The Major Holidays are over… Now its time for IWJG Miami!!!

The Major Holidays are over… Now its time for IWJG Miami!!! - MondaniWeb

The Major Holidays are over… Now its time for IWJG Miami!!!


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Directly from the IWJG press release:

“The Major Holidays are behind us and now it’s time to get serious about our Business again… The weather in New York is 37 °F and cloudy… Munich is 30°F and raining… Boston is 32°F… London is 40°F and cloudy… Dallas is 32°F and raining and Miami is 77° F and sunny… It’s Great in Miami this time of year!!!

We told you before, there are actually four shows going on in the same time frame as the IWJG Event… Four great events one after the other…BAM!!! BAM!!! BAM!!! BAM!!! There will be a lot of Dealers in Miami…

You cannot miss Four GREAT events bringing Thousands of Dealers together, in the same time frame in MIAMI!!! We are waiting on information on Free Tickets for some of the other events that are going on in the same time frame at the IWJG Event… We will get it to you as soon as we have it…

We are registering Dealers every day. Olga has over Two Hundred Tables already booked!!! If you have not booked your reservation for tables, cases safes etc. call Olga at 1-800-554-4992 or 1-713-783-8150 today and let our staff help you get what you need to have a great show.

Pre-paid will close at 1:00 PM Central Time on the 15th of January… That’s a Tuesday not Thursday as usual…. That’s because this is a Sunday, Monday Event and the Trucks must leave earlier than usual… Do not procrastinate… If you have not registered…. CALL NOW!!!

If you do not have a room at the Hilton and are expecting to stay at the host hotel, call us ASAP! The Hilton has told us, they are getting close to selling out on some of our nights. When we over sell our room block, the rack rate will prevail. Our cut-off is Monday the 7th of January… Save money and call today.

If it’s cold where You are and You want to hang out in the 80 degree weather where Bikini’s are the norm instead of Snow Shovels and Ice, come to Miami Beach for the IWJG Show on January 20th and 21st (Remember that’s Sunday and Monday) at the Miami Hilton Downtown, 1601 Biscayne Boulevard Downtown Miami… REMEMBER, YOU CANNOT MISS MIAMI in JANUARY 2019!!

THE MAJOR HOLIDAYS ARE OVER… NOW ITS TIME FOR IWJG MIAMI!!! If you need us, call us at 1-800-554-4992 or 1-713-783-8188 and if it is in our power… You’ll Have It, because we always look forward to serving the Best Membership on the planet!!!

Olga Cortez-Bullock, Joe Nelson, Christina Ledoux and the entire IWJG Staff”

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