IWJG Show is getting ready for New York

IWJG Show is getting ready for New York - MondaniWeb

IWJG Show is getting ready for New York

directly from iwjg.com:


I can’t believe it. It’s almost time for the International Watch and Jewelry Guild, to head back to the Big Apple for our first NYC Event of 2018!!! The Weatherman keeps promising us that the temperature will be cooperative by the time we slide into the City… But you all know the Weatherman, so no promises just yet, except New York is always a Great Event. With so many of our European Dealers able to get to New York in about the same time as our West Coast Dealers, we are seeing an uptick in registrations from Europe!!! That’s a Good Thing!!! We had a record number of EU Dealers/Buyers, join us in Las Vegas and we are looking forward to more of the same in New York!!!
Make sure you are registered to join us on April 30th and May 1st, at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge, 333 Adams Street. If you are not already registered, call Olga at 1-800-554-4992 or 1-713-783-8188 and she will get you ready for the Show, because you know you want to “Be a Part of It, New York, New York” and we want you to be a part of it as well!!!
Before we get too far into the New York Event let’s take a look at what we heard from our IWJG Members in Las Vegas… Our reports indicated that it was a Very Good Show…
Ted Chan was glad he was in Las Vegas… He bought some merchandise. Sold some merchandise and all in all had a Good Show!!! Peter Geykman from Los Angeles reported in with a Good Show!!! Jose Montilla, from Argentina had a Good Show in Las Vegas…Nory Yezekyan had a Good Show and Gary Zumalt sitting right next to him had a Great Las Vegas Show!!!
Robert Beggs and Eddie Kuryayev both reported in with Good Vegas Shows.
Luke Rottman had a Very Good Show at Planet Hollywood…Daniel Hong had a Good, Solid IWJG March Show… Marcus Dolph reported Good Results from the Desert!!! Bob Wingate had a Good Event as did his partner in crime from Texas, Joe Demesy who said “I’m glad I came to Las Vegas” … Manny Fuzilov reported in with Good results. “The Market is tough but I had a Good Show”, quoting Manny!!!
Charlie Jansen said that he came a little early, worked LVN before our Event and by Tuesday Afternoon Charlie had a Good outing in Sin City!!! Izzy Fuld had Good Results in Vegas.
Andrew Cohen had a Great Show…John Wall reported in with Good Results as did Leon Elterman from Chicago… Jennifer Chu thought her Show results were Very Good…Abdalla Alyhabibhad reported Good Results in Las Vegas…Miami’s own Max Bankin, had a Good Show…Pete Davis reported he was having a Good Event… Alex Pinkhasov was Very Happy with his Results at the IWJG March Event.
And last but not least, from Atlanta Georgia, Kris Strizzi reports that the March Event in Las Vegas was his Best Show Ever!!! Way to Go Kris and Thank all of you for your reports on the March IWJG Event in  Vegas!!!
The market changes daily these days and the members that keep up with the cycles are having Good Results… It is our desire for all IWJG Members to be doing Great… If we can help you, do not hesitate to let us know!!! We had more reports from Las Vegas but this is all we have space for on this e-mail… Join us in New York and turn in your own Show Report!!!



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