Important Timepieces Auction Results by Bukowskis

Important Timepieces Auction Results by Bukowskis - MondaniWeb

Important Timepieces Auction Results by Bukowskis

Yesterday’s auction existed of 98 exclusive objects that were sold for a total of € 626.215,00.

The result shows that Bukowskis reaches an international audience and has a range that attracts buyers and sellers on the absolute highest level. The auction’s major lot was an Omega Speedmaster 2915-3, which has been lying in a drawer for over 40 years, and became sold yesterday for a final price of € 59.000. Also iconic and very rare models of Patek Philippe and Rolex reached fantastic final prices.

The sought-after watch has been in the same owner’s possession since it was bought in 1959 and it is in a very good original condition. What makes this watch particularly special is that it still has its certificate and original box from when it was bought in 1959.

– It feels fantastic that Bukowskis has got the trust to sell yet another rare Omega and today’s auction result reflects the high interest in unique collectors items with exciting provenances, says Nina Westerlund, head specialist watches at Bukowskis

Another highlight in this Spring’s auction includes the timeless and very sought-after watch Patek Philippe “Nautilus” in steel and sapphire glass that reached the final price of € 40.057, along with the classic Rolex Submariner “Red Mark V”, that after an intense bidding ended in a final price of € 20.028.

– It’s pleasant to see that our handpicked vintage watches and unique collector’s items are highly demanded, and along with the low recall frequency, it shows that the range of watches is up-to-date, says Carl Palmegren, specialist watches at Bukwoskis.

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Lot 80

Patek Philippe, Nautilus

Case size: 42 mm
Material: steel
Movement: automatic, caliber 324 SC AIG. 1
Year: 2008
Crystal: sapphire crystal
Bracelet: integrated original bracelet, ref. A384BDP
Reference number: 5711/1A-001
Movement number: 3643805
Case number: 4945222
Accompanied by: certificate

Final price: € 40.057

Lot 23

Omega, Chronograph

Very rare and early chronograph from Omega, it is very seldom that you find black dials like this one for sale on the market.

Case size: 38 mm
Material: steel
Movement: manual, caliber 33.3 CHRO T3
Year: circa 1941
Crystal: plastic crytal
Bracelet: leather strap
Serial number: 9387818
Case number: 9977748

Final price: € 34.166

Lot 85

F.P Journe, Octa Quantième Perpétuel

Case size: 42 mm
Material: platinum
Movement: automatic, caliber FPJ 1300-3
Year: circa 2016
Crystal: sapphire crystal
Bracelet: leather strap, original buckle in platinum
Case number: 014 – QP

Final price: € 29.453

Lot 52

Patek Philippe & Cie

Case size: 29.5 x 40 mm
Material: 18K gold
Movement: manual, caliber 12”’
Year: circa 1912
Crystal: plastic crystal
Bracelet: leather strap
Movement number: 169834
Case number: 604381
Accompanied by: Patek Philippe “Extract from the Archives”

Final price: € 29.450

Lot 68

Patek Philippe, Nautilus

A classic timepiece from Patek, it is rare to find an all gold version like this one.

Case size: 37.5 mm
Material: 18K gold
Movement: automatic, caliber 335 SC
Year: circa 1988
Crystal: sapphire crystal
Bracelet: integrated bracelet, folding clasp in 18K gold
Reference number: 3800
Movement number: 1426919
Case number: 2832102
Total weight: circa 133 gram

Final price: € 20.617

Lot 30

Omega, Speedmaster, Chronograph, “Tropical Dial”

Case size: 42 mm
Material: steel
Movement: manual, caliber 321
Year: 1967
Crystal: plastic crystal
Bracelet: original bracelet, folding clasp, ref. 1035-3.67/516
Reference number: ST 105.012
Serial number: 24005144
Case number: 105.012-64
Accompanied by: box

Final price: € 20.028

Lot 72

Rolex, Submariner, “Red Mark V”

A very popular model from Rolex with a red font Submariner on the dial comes with box, certificate and original receipt from 1974.

Case size: 40 mm
Material: steel
Movement: automatic, caliber 1570
Year: 1971
Crystal: plastic crystal
Bracelet: Oyster bracelet, folding clasp (2005), ref. 93150-MA6/580
Reference number: 1680
Serial number: 3058440
Movement number: D220549
Case number: 1680 / III.71
Accompanied by: certificate, box

Final price: € 20.028

Lot 39

Omega, Chronograph

Case size: 38.5 mm
Material: steel
Movement: manual, caliber 33.3 CHRO T6 PC
Year: circa 1942
Crystal: plastic crystal
Bracelet: leather strap
Reference number: CK 2077
Serial number: 9600352
Case number: 2077-2

Final price: € 19.440

Lot 73

Rolex, Submariner

Case size: 40 mm
Material: stål
Movement: automatic, caliber 1520
Year: 1966
Crystal: plastic crystal
Bracelet: Jubilee bracelet, folding clasp (U.S.A)
Reference number: 5513
Serial number: 1344111
Case number: 5513 / I.66

Final price: € 15.905

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