Breitling, Un Univers à Part Auction by Cornette de Saint Cyr

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Breitling, Un Univers à Part Auction by Cornette de Saint Cyr

We are very happy to show you the highlights of a very interesting auction all dedicated to the Breitling World.
Click here if you'd like to see the auction catalogue and here if you'd like to have a look to the e-catalogue.

The auction takes place on November 22 in avenue Hoche, 6, Paris at 7:00 pm.

Wish to see the lots beforehand?
Here you are the viewing times:

Thursday 16 November: 11:00 am – 06:00 pm
Friday 17 November: 11:00 am – 06:00 pm
Saturday 18 November: 11:00 am – 06:00 pm
Sunday 19 November: 11:00 am – 06:00 pm
Monday 20 November: 11:00 am – 06:00 pm
Tuesday: 11:00 am – 06:00 pm

Lot 119

Breitling Navitimer “Pizza” ref.816 – 72, DDE BR 11525767, stainless steel, black dial bearing Breitling Genève logo, luminous numerals, luminous hands, mobile bezel, Venus 178 movement manual mechanics, steel bracelet with unfolding buckle.
Jacques Bothelin leader and creator of the Breitling Jet Team in 2003, one of the most experienced lead acrobatic patrol pilots in the world with over 2 900 exhibitions in 29 countries. He has flown in over 150 different aircraft models.
“I bought this watch right at the beginning of my career in 1977 or 1978. Wearing a Navitimer was a-dream-come-true for me even before I became an ambassador. It still is the only brand for me. I wore this watch for years during several hundred exhibitions.
I was fortunately able to have it restored entirely by the Breitling After-Sales Service and it hasn't left my safe since.”
Diam. 44 mm

Estimation: 5.000 – 8.000 €

Lot 36

BREITLING – Datora Moon Phase montre automatique la sœur de la Rolex réf. 6062, bicolore Felsa 693. Bracelet en crocodile du Nil-crocodylus niloticus de couleur noir sur boucle ardillon en acier inoxydable.
Breitling Datora Moon Phase Automatic Wristwatch, the sister of the Rolex ref. 6062, Bicolor, Felsa 693. Black genuine crocodile (crocodilus niloticus) strap with stainless steel pin buckle.
Diam. 35 mm

Estimation: 3.500 – 6.000 €

Lot 38

A very rare pre-serial model, one of the earliest and rarest Breitling Chronomat 769 / 480476 from 1942 with “fab.suisse” on the dial, not “swiss made” as the later models were.

The very first model of the Chronomat 769 came into the market in the year 1942, in the middle of the war and was therefore only built in very small numbers. This model is today a exceptionally rare, and comes with complete new full service.
Diam. 35 mm

Estimation : 2.400 – 3.500 €

Lot 47

Breitling Chronograph, the rarest case ever made, clamshell – Oyster, movement Venus 165.

Ultra-rare Breitling-Chronograph:
– Unique – Clamshell – Oyster case
– One of the rarest movements ever, Venus 165
– Unusual Breitling dial, signed with “Sprint”
– Serial number n°394275
– Swiss patent N°199190
Maybe the rarest of all and one of the first Breitling “2 pusher chronographs” ever made with an absolutely original unrestored luminous dial, signed “SPRINT”, the early name for Breitling watches, moved by an extremely rare Venus 165 caliber in pristine condition, just revised by one of the best watchmakers and restorers for Vintage watches; a truly exceptional once-in-a-lifetime find.During the 15 years of the Clamshell production, numerous dial or face variations were released. Styles ranged from basic military specification black to more exotic two-toned and multicolored versions with tachometer, telemeter, and heart rate indications. A relatively small number were released with luminous numbers, accompanied by radium-filled minute, hour, and sweep second hands for low-light conditions.
The Breitling Clamshell is an item for major collectors of vintage timepieces some of which are trading from € 3000 to over € 10,000. Current market values for classic Clamshells are based on a number of factors, the most important being the style and condition of the dial (face). An example with a non-original restored or refinished dial can lose between 25 to 40% of its value, while a Clamshell with an exotic original dial will command a premium. Original dials alone often trade in the hundreds with a few unusual styles selling for over € 1000.
Due to the effectiveness of the Clamshell water resistant case at protecting the inner mechanism against the elements, vintage examples occasionally appear on the market and at auction in fully functional condition, often with non-degraded original dials.
Diam. 35 mm

Estimation: 4.500 – 7.000 €

Lot 50

Breitling Datora 803 Stainless Steel Chronograph Wristwatch with registers and triple calendar ref. 803 case 740164 “Datora” made in 25 examples circa 1949. Mechanical movement with manual winding, silver dial with pretty nice hands, blue date indicator is in. It comes with a brown leather strap with a stainless steel buckle.
Diam. 36 mm

Estimation: 6.500 – 12.000 €

Lot 90

Near unique Breitling-Tourneau ref. 765 pre Co-Pilot/Top Time in perfect condition in a rare screw back case, from 1965. It is the rarest and most precious of the Top Time collection, not to be confused with the cheap though similar Top Time 810 nor the inexpensive Top Time with the Valjoux 7734, these are worlds apart.
Top time 765 is the forefather of the famous Co-Pilot 765 AVI series with the renowned red and gold Venus 178 caliber. This watch is a rare find – so far only seen once on the market, – the Tourneau brand name printed on the dial was reserved for Breitling high-end models and the Co-Pilot collection.
Tourneau, one of the largest chains of jewelers, was present in most luxury malls in the United States and a distribution partner for Breitling in America in the 1960s. The “Tourneau” watch production was limited similarly to the LIP production for France.
It has been recently serviced and is in good collector's condition with only a few scratches at the back.
Diam. 38 mm

Estimation: 3.000 – 5.000 €

Lot 93

Breitling Super Océan ref. 2005/991494, patent n° 238872 inside back case, black dial with date guichet at 6 o'clock, start/stop chronograph (chrono-minute), Venus 188 caliber (mechanicalhand winding), tropics strap with steel pin buckle.
Diam. 40 mm

Estimation: 7.500 – 9.500 €

Lot 96

An early AOPA 806 doesn't come across your path very often. This piece from 1960 has all the trademarks of a lovely vintage Breitling Navitimer. An important historical piece forever associated with aviation. The first Navitimer, ref. 806, was released in the early 50s and was the second slide-rule chronograph they brought to the market. (after the success of the Chronomat). The name is taken from the words ‘Navigation' and ‘timer'. Pilots were highly respected in the early years of aviation and Breitling looked forward to link this new model to them, they even used the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots association) logo on their first models. Their marketing strategy paid off and resulted in their becoming the official supplier of on-board measuring instruments for all notable aircraft companies.
Over the years this model has been adapted to meet the current demands of the watch market and has been produce in many variations. It is still the watch of choice for pilots from all over the world. Many Air-Forces have even used it as regular equipment for their pilots.
Diam. 40 mm

Estimation: 6.000 – 8.000 €

Lot 115

Breitling watch with perpetual calendar, edition limited to 25, 18 Kt (750/1000), night blue dial, 4 white sub-dials with bluish hands. Functions: moon phases, leap years, seasons, calendar, logarithmic scale and calculations, automatic movement C119, brown alligator strap with 18 Kt (750/1000) gold unfolding buckle.
Diam. 48 mm
Poids brut / gross weight: 145,42 grs

Estimation: 15.000 – 20.000 €

Lot 123

Early Breitling/Montbrillant flight watch from the 1930s. Caliber AS 984.
This early Breitling flight watch is signed MONTBRILLANT, which was a former brand of the company. In the 1930s the name Breitling could not be used, because of legal disputes within the Breitling family. The movement is a Anton Schild AS 984. A few years later this watch was presented with a Breitling dial (reference 768) in the official catalogue. But these remarkable early Monbrillant flight watches hold rank the Breitling history.
Photo: German air force crew with flight watch

Estimation: 5.000 – 8.000 €

Lot 127

Early Breitling Chronograph, ref. 767 from the 1930s. Caliber Venus 150, serial no. 463 924.
This chronograph is shown in the Breitling catalogue from 1946. The watch itself must have been produced much earlier because it comes from the estate of a former German air force pilot.
He bought the watch during his flight training in the mid thirties. The chronograph is one of the first wrist flight chronographs produced by Breitling driven by an early Venus 150 movement.
The watch still has its original radium dial and hands.
Picture: snapshot from the Breitling catalogue no. 46.
Diam. 40 mm

Estimation : 6.000 – 10.000 €

Lot 129

Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaut Watch ref. 809, in gold bearing King Hussein of Jordan's arms in yellow gold 18 K (750/1000) with beige Nile crocodile strap – Crocodylus niloticus – and gold-plated pin buckle; black dial with Arabic numerals, mechanical movement, manual winding (Venus 178 caliber), Plexiglas glass.
History: This watch belonged to King Hussein Ben Talal who was king of Jordan for over 46 years (from 11 August 1952 to 7 February 1999), with its custom marking it is likely a unique piece.
At the time this model was only sold in gold-plate so exceptionally Breitling manufactured a few 18 K gold models for the Kingdom of Jordan.
Diam. 40 mm
Poids brut / Gross weight: 67,94 grs

Estimation: 15.000 – 20.000 €

Lot 135

Breitling Helicopter Pilot in stainless steel ref. 817, made for the Esercito Italiano and only for helicopter pilots of the italian army in stainless steel, caliber Valjoux 236, with a knitted fabric brown strap extremely rare.
Diam. 40 mm

Estimation : 4.000 – 5.500 €



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