Bonanno launches a new website and a new app

With over ten years of experience in the watch market, a big knowledge of the main collectible timepieces and a continuous presence in the world’s most important horological event, Gioielleria Bonanno now launches a new app for iPhone and iPad a new website. 
The new “Bonanno Luxury Watches” App  that you can download at this link allows you to browse all their watches for sale: looking for a watch is very easy and quick, timepieces are divided by brand and every brand is divided in typologies.
Furthermore, the app has a new section with Bonanno’s news and blog about collectible wristwatches.
The new website is a very special site, entirely dedicated to vintage watches, that dedicates space to explain every single detail and historic information behind these collectible timepieces. 
Vintage watches don’t need price tags and information only; they need technical and historical specifications, every small detail is essential to understand how magic and precious it is. And that is what Bonanno is doing: giving the right importance to important pieces.
The new website presents the rarest vintage watches, such as: 
Rolex Red Sub ref. 1680 with tropical dial
Rolex Daytona ref. 6263 and 6241 Compax brown
Daytona Big Red
Submariner ref. 5513 pre-Comex
Milgauss ref. 1019 
Double red Sea-Dweller 
and many more Rolex and Patek Philippe wristwatches
You can find more watches for sale at their official site at this link and also click here to see Bonanno’s selection at Mondani Web 
Address Corso Torino, 9/1
16129 Genova, Italy