The Mondani Magazine 2020 Out Now!!

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The Mondani Magazine 2020 Out Now!!



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The Mondani Magazine is the first magazine realized by the world’s leading publisher in the world of watches. After the big success of the first two issues, this third publicat gives collectors what they really need and desire: true information written by the best sources, with an even more detailed content.

Among the writers of the articles we find:

John Goldberger (author of various books on watches, great expert on vintage watches and collectible watch market insider), Eric Wind  (former Senior Specialist for Christie’s), Anthony Marquié and Grégoire Rossier (authors of the book Moonwatch Only, the best guide on Omega Speedmaster wristwatches), Robert-Jan Broer (Speedmaster specialist and journalist for, Franca Mondani (author of the most famous books about Patek Philippe and Rolex watches), Fabrice Guéroux (author of the book Real VS Fake), Geoffroy Ader (one of the most experienced specialists in the world of auctions), and many more…


The Mondani Magazine also features exclusive interviews with:

Robert Maron (worldwide famous watch dealer )

Raphael Granito (CEO of Formex Watches)

Gilles Clavareau (founder of Artisan du Temps)

Richard Lopez (Senior Specialist at Sotheby’s NY watch department)


Exclusive content about:

– 50 years Rolex watches in the space

– Vintage Heuer, Enicar, Vulcain and more

– Omega Speedytuesday

– Kia Stinger

– History of Aquanaut and Nautilus

– Only Watch Saga

– and much more…


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