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Stefano Mazzariol Library

Stefano Mazzariol Library - MondaniWeb

Stefano Mazzariol Library

We are extremely happy to show you one of the most useful resources for Rolex collectors, dealers and enthusiasts: the Stefano Mazzariol Library.

The Mazzariol Stefano Library is the largest online collection of documents about the vintage Rolex and watch world, these documents have never been published before.

This online library offers an impressive collection of descriptive photographs, advertisements, price lists, curiosities, vintage catalogs and spare parts with particular attention to the graphic evolution of Rolex, serial numbers and references.
This work is the result of 30 years of studies.
This online collection was created with scientific precision through a catalog of products.
Mondani always tries to spread the horological culture through the Mondani Books as well as this big network of “Mondani Web Trusted Dealers” and this library is just essentials for those, like us, want to have true and reliable information about Rolex.
Click here to see the Mazzariol Stefano Library
You can check a tutorial on how to read the library at this link