Press Release by Konstantin Chaykin | Harlequin Ventuno, or Commedia dell’Alta Orologeria

Press Release by Konstantin Chaykin | Harlequin Ventuno, or Commedia dell’Alta Orologeria - MondaniWeb

Press Release by Konstantin Chaykin | Harlequin Ventuno, or Commedia dell’Alta Orologeria


Harlequin Ventuno, or Commedia dell’Alta Orologeria

What can we call the Wristmons collection, regularly replenished by Konstantin Chaykin since the first in the series, the Joker watch, was presented in 2017? One possible answer to this question is that it is a comedy of haute horlogerie. Indeed, the mask-like dials of the watches, equipped with Konstantin Chaykin’s Joker-indication, with hour and minute indicator discs and the trademark moon smile, turn the collection, in spite of the will of the master who created it, into a japery, a theatrical performance, a collection of diverse characters. In Italy, this is known as the commedia dell’arte, where the audience is amused, provoked and entertained by Pantalone, Brighella, Pulcinella, Columbina, and of course, among many others, the Harlequin, perhaps the most popular mask of the Venetian comedy theatre. Without him, without his black half-mask, without his bright suit sewn with multi-coloured diamonds, without his inherent fun and naivety, along with his ability to get himself into difficult situations – and find a way out of course – it would be difficult to imagine a performance in the commedia dell’arte style. One day Konstantin Chaykin decided that without a Wristmon dedicated to this character, his comedy production of haute horlogerie would be incomplete, and so he announces the release of the new, limited edition, Harlequin Ventuno.


Why Ventuno? Because we are now in the twenty-first year of the twenty-first century. In Italian, ‘twenty- one’ is ‘ventuno’ – a number closely associated with gambling. Konstantin Chaykin believes he has chosen the perfect moment to release this model, since the Harlequin is characterized by precisely such qualities found in gamblers – passion, zeal and enthusiasm. Indeed, it is easy to get enthusiastic about this watch. The big-eyed face of the Harlequin Ventuno observes the world with joyful enthusiasm and a readiness to completely let loose and go for it, even if it is not encouraged in the present circumstances.



Enjoying life with the Harlequin Ventuno

The classic stainless-steel case of the Wristmons collection is engraved on the reverse with the Harlequin’s mask and his jester’s hat on a background of diamond shapes in relief. The branded bezel is decorated with letters in relief which combine to form the name of the watch – Harlequin – while the exclusive strap is decorated with stitched red and black diamonds on a white base. The dial is also made in silver-white with red and black tones. The black mask, like the wings of a bat, partly covers the face-like dial, giving this
Wristmon a unique character full of emotion. The expression on the face-like dial, with hour- and minute – indicator discs as eyes and the trademark moon smile, is constantly changing, every minute showing us a new emotion. We cannot resist this stream of emotions as we succumb to the charisma of the Harlequin Ventuno. There are no other wristwatches, besides those of Konstantin Chaykin’s Wristmons collection, which are capable of this. The Harlequin Ventuno watch will be released in a limited edition of 18 pieces.



Harlequin Ventuno
Technical Specifications
Limited edition 18 pieces
Calibre K07-0 with automatic winding
Base movement Swiss-made Eta 2824-2

Module indication Produced by Konstantin Chaykin manufacture
Movement dimensions Diameter 31.5mm, thickness 7.6mm (with module)
Escapement Lever escapement
Balance frequency 28800 semi-oscillations per hour
Power reserve 38 hours
Jewels 33 (base movement – 25 jewels, module – 8 jewels)
Module parts 61
Functions Joker time indication with discs for the hours, minutes, and moon phases.
Case Stainless steel
Case dimensions Diameter 42mm, thickness 13.7mm
Crystal Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, diameter 34.5mm
Case components 36
Dial finishing Two types of guilloche relief décor, silvering, ruthenium coating, multi-layered
lacquer coating
Dial components 9
Strap Exclusive, collectible alligator-leather strap with black and red appliqué ‘Harlequin’
lined with red calf leather, contrasting stitching
Buckle Produced by Konstantin Chaykin manufacture, standard, stainless steel



Konstantin Chaykin Manufacture
115407, Russia, Moscow, Rechnikov Street, 15, building 2 • e-mail: • tel.: +7 (495) 988 73 72

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