IWJG Miami | November 18th – 19th, 2019

IWJG Miami | November 18th – 19th, 2019 - MondaniWeb

IWJG Miami | November 18th – 19th, 2019



The International Watch and Jewelry Guild is getting ready for Miami and it turns out the Miami Weatherman is getting ready for the IWJG!!! The weather is spectacular, and it looks like it will be that way for the next few weeks… With just over four weeks till opening day for the IWJG Event in Miami, that’s all we need!!! What do we mean by the weather is Great???

Check this out… New York, it’s 54 degrees and raining… Chicago, 53 degrees and rain expected tomorrow… Philadelphia, 54 degrees and rain… Munich, it’s going down to 45 degrees tonight but in Miami it’s a balmy 84 degrees!!! According to the Weatherman the weather should stay like this all the way to the IWJG Miami Event at The Hyatt Regency, 400 S.E. 2nd Avenue, on the 18th and 19th of November!!! With just over four weeks to go, the Miami Event Is Looking Good!!!

We are not committing for as many Hotel Rooms for our sleeping room block. Some of our members make their own arraignments and to accommodate, we have cut back our commitment for Sleeping Rooms… Our registrations however, are out pacing the IWJG’s 2018 Miami reservations… If you haven’t registered call Olga at 1-713-783-8150 or 1-800-554-4992 in the IWJG Houston Office and she will get you all set-up before she runs out of sleeping rooms, and then you will have to find another hotel… Let us help you have a Great Show in Miami…

We are amazed at the airfare this close to our Show Dates… Here is what we are finding from the airlines… To Miami, from Los Angeles $196.00… Dallas $138.00… Atlanta $84.00… Chicago $85.00… Las Vegas $197.00… and last but not least, Denver to Miami $94.00… These are Great Airfares to a Great City, with Great Weather, Great Food and a Great IWJG Event in November!!!

Just a quick report on our New York Event last week. We will give the longer version on Wednesday because, if you haven’t registered the most important thing for you to do, is to call the airlines and then call Olga at 1-713-783-8150 or 1-800-554-4992 before she runs out of sleeping rooms and tables! Here is a little of what we heard… Of course, we were all disappointed that the only dates we could get for the event were right in the middle of the Jewish Holiday Sukkot… We missed all of our members that were observing this Holiday with their family and friends.

The Show was smaller that we are accustomed to for the IWJG October Event, but even though it was a little smaller, it was still a good sized event and we had Good Reports from the members in attendance…James Stevens thought the Show was Wonderful… Jennifer Chu reported in with a Really Good Event in NYC. Ricardo Varela reported in with Good Show Results for the Event in the Big Apple… Jordan Gellerman said New York was a Good Show for him. It hit all his expectations. Glad to hear it Jordan! Christopher Altbaum from SoCal had a Good Show as did Josh Buslovich from Chicago. Josh Reported in with a Good Show. Solid… Much better that he was expecting with the Holiday… Joe Akar’s Group had a Really Good Show from both a Buying and Selling standpoint. Amir Saathi gave us a thumbs up and a Good report for his results at the Show … Pete Moreno said he wound up with a Good Show and Pablo Ferlazzo was a little worried because of the Holiday but he wound up with a Good Event!!! Jacob Mace thought the show was a little soft and we heard this same sentiment from a few others, but the good reports outweighed the soft ones. Tony Kravak from Stockholm thought NYC was a Great Show…. Joe Tannenbaum said they had an Excellent New York Show and were glad they came. Miguel Quintero had a Very Good outing in NYC as did Micha Mottale and As Ken Jacobs said, and I quote “if you have the right merchandise at the right price, it will sell in this room.” Thank you, Ken for those Great Words of Wisdom… We will leave it there for now, but Wednesday we will try to deliver more of the reports from the “City that Never Sleeps.”

IWJG MIAMI IN NOVEMBER!! If you haven’t registered call Olga at 1-713-783-8150 or 1-800-554-4992 in the IWJG Houston Office and let us know how we can help you get ready for the Warm Weather, the Terrific Food and the Action on the Miami IWJG Show Floor, where once again we to serve the Best Membership on the Planet!!!


Olga, Joe, Christina and the IWJG Staff

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