Interview to Bukowskis Head Specialist Carl Palmegren

Interview to Bukowskis Head Specialist Carl Palmegren - MondaniWeb

Interview to Bukowskis Head Specialist Carl Palmegren

Many dream about investing in a vintage watch, what should you keep in mind prior to bidding in?
I would say it is key to find a watch that suits you and your style. Look for quality rather than the best price i.e. go for a watch in a very good condition in the lower price range rather than a watch with a higher price tag and poorer quality. Also, do the research before you settle for a watch and take the opportunity to visit the Important Timepieces viewing in order to try the watch. Visiting the viewing will also give you a chance to have a chat with the specialists and find out more about the watch you are looking for.

Which watches are the most sought-after right now?
Stainless steel watches and sport watches are very highly regarded and demanded, especially the ones with ”complications” and older chronographs. Two styles that stands out among the demand are Patek Philippe Nautilus and Rolex Daytona, and the classic sport watches that are classic in its features, won’t go out of style and are collectors objects.

There are many highly regarded watches in the auction, are there any with an extra intriguing provenance?
Definitely, OMEGA Seamaster 300 is one amongst many. This originates from the first series dating back to the 50s. It is a clean and sleek diving watch and this piece’s provenance traces back to a divers wrist during his whole career. We are also very pleased to present a rare Omega Seamaster Polaris, that belonged to one of one of the worlds greatest jazz musicians, the clarinetist, Putte Wickman. This one-of-a-kind electronic master clock system was crafted by Patek Philippe of Geneva in the 70s and is really rare on the market and there are very few in edition. The master system consists of a master clock with a number of slave clocks and were used in airports, train stations, fabrics and smaller locations.

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Carl Palmegren
Head Specialist Watches
+46 (0)739 40 08 23
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