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Great IWJG Miami News




This will be short and sweet…

Because of the calendar and availability of hotels, they only have three weeks between the IWJG February Las Vegas and March Miami March shows. They are sorry, they don’t like it either, but sometimes they just can’t make it 4 weeks between events… That’s the reality of trying to make everything come together just right… Sometimes it doesn’t, but it is all still good!!!

They are having Great IWJG Shows thanks to the Quality of the IWJG Members/Dealers…  They will have a complete Las Vegas report for you on Sunday, but here is the most important information you need… Lots of registrations in Las Vegas for Miami on the 14th and 15th of March.  The Hotels are not letting them reserve as many rooms in its Guest Room Block as they could prior to COVID… They are back at the Hyatt Regency, 400 SE 2nd Street, and they will sell out!!!  Make sure you go ahead and register so you get the Best Table Space and Guest rooms, for the IWJG event on March 14th and 15th…

Do not Procrastinate… This is going to be a Really Good Show… Lines will be long… Remember Miami in January. Please do not show up and expect the staff to take you out of line and register you because you forgot to register yourself, your Helper, your Wife and or your Guests… The staff can’t do it!!!

Do yourself and them a favor… Pick up the phone, call the office tomorrow and register, so you do not have to stand in that Miami Monday Morning Line… You can pick up your Badges and walk right in… By the way, if for some reason you can’t make Miami, just e-mail the IWJG prior to the event and they will roll over your registration to a future event… There is nothing to lose by registering early except time standing in that Monday line in Miami… Make it easy on yourself… Register Early!!!

If you have any questions about the Event in March, or if you need to register contact Olga or Christina at or 713-783-8188, or Joe Nelson, 888-777-8363 or…  GREAT SHOW IN LAS VEGAS… GET READY FOR MIAMI IN MARCH!!!

Take advantage of Low Airfares and a Great Market… Call the IWJG Office and Get Registered Now!!!

They look forward to seeing You at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, March 14th and 15th, where once again they get to serve the Best Membership on the Planet!!!

Olga, Joe, Christina and the IWJG Staff

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