Fausto Paoletti at the Bertolami Fine Art

Fausto Paoletti at the Bertolami Fine Art - MondaniWeb

Fausto Paoletti at the Bertolami Fine Art

Thanks to his passion and experience, Fausto Paoletti, luxury watch expert and member of the most prestigious Watch Associations in the world (IWJG – WTA) has became the manager of the Department of Watches at the Bertolami Fine Art.


Like he said “Few objects succeed in conveying emotions as a watch does. It does not matter whether it is new or vintage, and it does not even matter the price! What really matters is the ability to preserve in their beauty and uniqueness the value of time and at the same time the value in time. My challenge is to convey emotions through watches that are also respectful of the investment of my Atelier Customers.”


At this time, Mr. Paoletti and Bertolami Fine Art are searching for particular timepieces for their upcoming auction, they are offering free evaluation of watches and accepting consignments for the auction.

Follow him on Instagram, @paolettibertolami


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