Christie’s Watches Online Auction February 26 – March 12

Christie’s Watches Online Auction February 26 – March 12 - MondaniWeb

Christie’s Watches Online Auction February 26 – March 12

Mondani Web is proud to present Christie’s Watches Online Auction this Spring.
Over 250 watches are to be offered spanning in price from $500 to $30,000.
From Patek Philippe, Rolex, OMEGA, Audemars Piguet, and many other well-known makers there is a wide range of vintage watches offered in ladies and gentlemen’s styles.
Highlights include a desirable Rolex Daytona reference 6263, an 18k Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar reference 3941J, and a rare vintage Mathey-Tissot Steel Chronograph.  
Viewing Location and Hours:
Selected highlights will be on view at Christie’s New York, 20 Rockefeller Plaza.
March 2nd to March 7th.
Contact: Rich Lopez |
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Lot 6
OMEGA, SPEEDMASTER, REF. CK 2998-61, Stainless steel, 40mm, Black Dial, Manual Movement
Estimate: 12.808,00 €
Lot 51
AUDEMARS PIGUET, TANTALUM ROYAL OAK ‘CHAMPIONSHIP’, 33mm, Grey tapisserie Dial, Quartz Movement.
Estimate: 6.404,00 €
Lot 83
BREGUET, 18K AND DIAMOND-SET MINUTE-REPEATING WATCH, REF. 3938, 8k white gold with diamonds of approximately 6.8 cts., 40mm, Silvered guilloche with metallic outer Dial, Manual Movement.
Estimate: 24.015,00 €
Lot 181
PATEK PHILIPPE, 18K PERPETUAL CALENDAR WITH MOON PHASE, REF. 3945/1, 18k pink gold, 36mm, Silvered Dial, Automatic Movement, Perpetual calendar, moon phase, Patek Philippe Extract from the Archives confirming manufacture date of 1995 and sale date of August 22, 1996.
Estimate: 40.025,00
Lot 197

PATEK PHILIPPE, TWO-TONE NAUTILUS, REF. 3800/001, Stainless steel and gold, 37mm, White  Dial, Automatic Movement, Patek Philippe leather wallet, certificate of origin, product literature, Patek Philippe Extract from the archives confirming manufacture date of 1992 and sale date of March 4, 1993.

Estimate: 5.603,50 €
Lot 203
ROLEX, DAYTONA ‘BIG RED’, REF. 6263, Stainless steel, 37mm, Silvered Dial, Manual Movement, Chronograph.
Estimate: 28.017,50 €
Lot 254
MATHEY-TISSOT, STEEL CHRONOGRAPH, Stainless steel, 40mm, Black Dial, Manual Movement.
Estimate: 4.803,00 €
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